Thursday, May 15, 2008

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, I am from Neptune...What does that make Me???

You Are From Neptune

You are dreamy and mystical, with a natural psychic ability.

You love music, poetry, dance, and (most of all) the open sea.

Your soul is filled with possibilities, and your heart overflows with compassion.

You can be in a room full of friendly people and feel all alone.

If you don't get carried away with one idea, your spiritual nature will see you through anything.

It does ring true!

Take Me To Thailand

You Should Travel to Thailand

You may enjoy getting spiritual at a Buddhist retreat...

Or just feasting on a ton of cheap and amazing Thai food.

I would enjoy both!
My son went to Thailand last year with his school and I am soooooo jealous!!!!
Of everything except the bug bites that were all over his arms.
Unfortunately, his school screwed him over this year. He had a bout of depression and confided in a teacher that he was feeling suicidal. The good part is he ended up getting counseling which has been great for him. The bad part is the school board decided he was too much of a "risk" to take on the trip to Mexico this year. He had been so looking forward to it. I have expressed my disgust to them more than once for taking away this opportunity from a young man who has always been a good student and never a discipline problem. Fuckers!
Maybe someday he can take me to Thailand and show me around. That would be a nice family activity, I think!

What Color I Need

You Need Some Black in Your Life

Black will make you feel powerful, in control, and not bound to what other people think of you.

And with a little black, you will project a aura of mystery, rebellion, and dominance.

If you want people to respect you, you've got to get a little black in your life!

For extra punch: Combine black with orange or red

The downside of black: People won't be able to "read" you - and may perceive you as more aggressive than you actually are

The consequences of more black in your life:

You'll become a figure of intrigue and speculation

You'll be better prepared for life's unknown path

You'll rest better and free yourself of expectations

This works--I like black.
I really don't give a flying damn if people perceive me to be more agressive than I am. Better than being stepped on.

My Aura

Your Aura is Violet

Idealistic and thoughtful, you have the mind and ideas to change the world.

And you have the charisma of a great leader, even if you don't always use it!

The purpose of your life: saying truths that other people dare not say

Famous purples include: Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Susan B. Anthony

Careers for you to try: Political Activist, Inventor, Life Coach

Monday, May 12, 2008

Oya, powerful Orisha

The African Orisha Oya is a deity presiding over cemeteries, death and storms. She can help facilitate change when circumstances are blocked. The text at the Angelfire site listed below warns not to call on Oya unless you are prepared to deal with the consequences. The impression that I get is that Oya does not mind being called upon for help. She is a goddess of change, which makes her in part a destroyer goddess, but she is not without compassion. She simply does not want to put up with bullshit. It's fine to call upon Oya to facilitate the forces of change should you want a better job, a better living circumstance, a better relationship, an end to sickness, even help with weight loss. Oya is not going to be too kindly disposed to petitions asking for "that sweet new Hummer" "The hottie with the big gazongas" "make me a size zero so all the other girls will be jealous" "make me the most popular so I don't have to hang out with my current loser friends" or things of that nature. She wants your life to be better, not to facilitate you acting like an idiot.

The prayer to Oya comes from The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts and was found at the third website on the list.

As powerful as the strong wind

More fierce than the storm

Oya guards my soul against the many fingers of evil

Help me to rest upon the earth free from strain and undue frustration

Oya, warrior of the wind, let not our land be overrun with destroyers

Let us not die in pain and sorrow

Extend your weapon to protect us from destruction

Oya, may we live and die to live again

Oya, may our lives be long and our death short

Four sites to help you learn more about Oya:

I combined my prayer to Oya with a prayer to facilitate positive change, which comes from the Tarot Spells book by Janina Renee.

The time has come for a change

The time has come to move on to something newer, something better

That which was done in the past shall be prelude to an ever greater future, moving onward and upward

Changes are coming, with one action leading rapidly to another

The forces are set in motion

Inexorably I move towards the goals that I desire

A new stage of evolution is before me

The power I summon turns the wheel of heaven

The changes begin with this spell and continue as I better myself and all that is around me

So it is and so shall it continue to be

I used this spell when I used to work all over the building at my current job, mostly in the long term care area. I did not want to work in that area any more. I had been doing that kind of work for a long time and was completely burnt out on it. After a year of being the on-call person, I was hired permanently in my current department which while not perfect, is far better. I believe the energies generated by this spell helped.

Currently, I feel stuck. My financial situation is disastrous. I would like to be in business for myself. I would like to gain recognition for my book, the goal of which is to help spread positive change in the treatment of mental health issues. I would like to be able to live where I choose, wherever I am most necessary, and not be tied to a job. And I would very much like to stop feeling the noose of debt around my neck. As well, I want to lose some weight for health reasons. I believe that the energies of Oya can give the spell the extra "push" it needs. I don't expect overnight results but I have faith that there will be good results.

I also gave petition to Oya to give my son protection and guidance as he goes out in the world. I prayed to her to help end the violence in schools. A person should not have to be afraid for their life when they go someplace to learn. Parents should not have to fear for their children when they are at school. Let not our land be overrun with destroyers. In the United States, these people are destroyers. I pray to this powerful Orisha to help stop this madness.

Blessed be,

Goddess At Work

This is a quiz from the Goddess site mentioned in the post below.

Your 'goddess at work' style is Cordelia

Your work style

In Welsh Celtic mythology, Cordelia's father wanted her to marry a man of his choosing. He may have thought he could have his way because he had 'judged the book by the cover' - he probably assumed Cordelia was a fluffy-bunny joy-joy flower-loving maiden, but he learned her true nature when she showed her mettle and married the man of her choice.

Colleagues of a Cordelia-inspired gal may make the same mistake as Cordelia's father. They shouldn't assume you're a pushover simply because you're friendly, approachable and easy to get along with.

Quite the opposite... you appreciate your opinion being respected, and may occasionally be a wee bit stubborn in getting your own way.

For the Ladies

Ladies will enjoy

It isn't anti-man, but is about women reconnecting with the Goddess energies, with one another, and with ourselves. This is something that women need to do, and often we neglect it.