Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Lesson in Norse Mythology

Warning: this post is rated H for "Humor."
So if you've lost your sense thereof...
Find it--then return!

While watching Truly Stupid Television (AKA Web Junk on VH1) I was apprised of the existence of Draugs in modern Scandinavia.
A draug is the hideous headless ghost of a pissed-off sailor who drowned without a proper burial at sea and whose goal it has become to drown other sailors in like manner. This description comes from Encyclopedia Mythica.
by Youri Boone
A Nordic variety of the Icelandic draugr, draugs are most often identified with the spirits of mariners drowned at sea (as for example in Jonas Lie’s Elias and the Draug). Having been denied proper burial themselves, they haunt the shores of Norway to bring doom upon any mariner who sees them. Conversely, they are only visible to their future victims.
Draugs are said to have seaweeds for heads and to sail around in half a boat. Some accounts portray them as shapeshifters who take on the appearance of stones in the shoreline. When a mariner treads upon such a stone he faces certain death, unless he would first spit on it.

Well, my encyclopedia of Norse mythology says that draugs are headless, so I can only assume that some of them have taken to wearing seaweed in place of their missing noggin.
Draugs are getting bolder these days and expanding their territory. In the past, they have confined themselves to their half-fishing boats, having contests to see which among them could bring the most sailors to a watery doom.
In spite of its fearsome aspect, the Draug has a weakness. It is a very proper horror and cannot abide anyone ripping loose with a trumpeting blast from the old backside. In my hallowed Encyclopedia of Norse mythology, it says that if one but unleashes a hearty blast of wind, the draug will leap back into its half boat at double speed and leave them in peace.
One can only imagine the windy atmosphere of the modern fishing trawler. While in days of old, a single fisherman out upon the sea might not have been able to work up a goodly blast to save himself from a watery grave at the hands of a draug, a boatload of fishermen will surely have several among their number who are up to the task. Thus, the draug is a frustrated entity. And they have taken to docking their little half-boats on the Scandinavian coast and coming ashore to find victims.
One draug evidently made its way to a Swedish television studio. Its evil intent was focused upon the newscaster. But this woman's quick thinking and even quicker acting digestive system became the stuff of legend when, on camera while delivering the news, she cut loose with a hearty blast sure to make anyone of Viking stock proud as punch, or, more likely, Grog. If one but clicks this link that I have so generously provided for you and checks out Web Junk Episode 6, you will see the honorable mention that this great lady has earned for her quick--um--thinking!
I am speculating that no Draugs have been foolhardy enough to invade the locker room of the Swedish men's Olympic hockey team. Or any other hockey team for that matter.
So if confronted by a Draug, remember--this is one time that it's ok to think with your butt!
Hard boiled eggs and sauerkraut, anyone?
See? The supernatural doesn't have to be dull. In fact, it can be downright entertaining!
Your friend in Esoteric Tomfoolery,

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Aboriginal beliefs

I have been reading about the Australian Aborigines recently. Although highly civilized Westerners may scoff at their "simplistic" beliefs, I find much wisdom in them. I can't claim to understand all about the dreamtime, but it seems pretty straightforward.
The spirit or essence of a person exists before birth. It then lives for a period in a body. When it dies, it goes back to the All That Is. Spirits are very much a part of Aboriginal society. The Aborigines accept that spirits communicate with living beings during the time that the living person is asleep. While sleeping, the living person enters the Dreamtime temporarily.
Modern people write off such experiences as purely psychological phenomena. They see people such as the Aborigines as "quaint" and "barbaric," and refer to them in patronizing ways. Some people in the past have used their "modern" thinking as an excuse to see the natives of a given land as less than human, which thus "excuses" the settlers stealing land and goods from the native people.
I am enjoying learning about the Australian Aborigines and have been listening to their haunting, relaxing music. One can't help but get closer to the source of All That Is when hearing the music played by these people and by the various American Indians. And I believe that we overly complex "civilized" people can learn much from them. They accept "what is" and don't try to explain it away.
One should always be grateful for new sources of Gnosis and not take the chauvinistic attitude that modernized beliefs are inherently superior to ancient ones.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

They need kindness

If you click the title link, you will meet some people who are in desperate need of positive energy. This lady is now suffering the loss of her 15 year old grandson after having endured a terrible lung infection which she thought might be cancer. So much is put on some souls. Please pray/send positive energy and good wishes to Myrna.
Peace and Blessings,


Learning about ghost sickness (see previous post) helped me to deal with what I'm going through from a different perspective and I am feeling far better. Knowledge is rarely a bad thing.
Although the lessons I've learned from other traditions are important to me, this is the only thing that has thus far helped me deal with the Dispirited Spirit problem that I sometimes encounter. Judeochristianity and indeed most New Age philosophy espouses sending the spirit away. But perhaps it is possible and best to be a friend to them, as long as they are benevolent. However, one might need to remind these entities that their presence can be draining at times and ask them to "back off" if one is becoming ill or psychologically disturbed.
I've always had contact with spirits and for the most part find it pleasant. Unfortunately, I have very little ability to "see" them, at least through my waking eyes. This is something I am working on. Perhaps as my abilities become stronger, the difficulties will become fewer.
Peace and Best Wishes,

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ghost Sickness

This is a really interesting page that seems relevant to my previous post. Here is an excerpt.

Obsession with the Deceased Taxon
ghost sickness: (American Indian groups) preoccupation with death and the deceased, sometimes associated with witchcraft. Symptoms may include bad dreams, weakness, feelings of danger, loss of appetite, fainting, dizziness, fear, anxiety, hallucinations, loss of consciousness, confusion, feelings of futility, amd a sense of suffocation.

I do go through this during/after contact with a particularly troubled spirit. I don't know if it means anything or not, but I am part Cherokee.
Not so's you could really tell by looking at my blond, fair-skinned self. Though a former co-worker said he could tell by my high cheekbones.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Why is it that the only spirits who like to pay a visit to ol' Lily Tears are sad, morose ones looking for help they couldn't get in life??
Like attracts like.
I do have mental illness (bipolar disorder.) Which is not the same thing as being insane. My basic perceptions of the world fall within the realms of sanity, and I am Mostly Harmless. Whereas, some people who present as very stable actually have no problem hurting another person if they perceive that person as being in their way. These people are called sociopaths, and they are probably the people on the planet that I resonate with the least.
On the day that John Wayne Gacy died, I had a horrific dream wherein I was having sex with a child! I woke up and felt sick to my stomach and reached for the nearest Holy tome, which happened to be a bible, found a psalm, and prayed it until I calmed down. I knew this thought wasn't from me. I am an open conduit to the spirit world and fuckin' John Wayne Gacy had contacted me! Believe me, these fuckers may touch my mind sometimes, but they never get to hang around!
The ones who hang around are haunted and pained. They don't actually want to hurt anyone, but sometimes they've hurt themselves. Maybe they sense my own suicidal tendencies and thus find a kindred spirit. I sense friendly thoughts from them. I don't "hear" their voices, I just receive general impressions.
"I like you."
"Thank you for being kind to me."
"Thank you for being my friend."
"Thank you for letting me hang around with you."
"Can I drive the car?" (Using my body. My great-aunt, believe it or not!)
"I love you."
"Can I sleep next to you? I promise I won't disturb you. I just like feeling your heart."
"I wish I was still alive. I would be your friend/boyfriend."
Guys, I love you.
But sometimes it really hurts.
I don't want to lose any of you or have you go away forever. It's not like that. But I'm really hurting right now. (Incarnate people can read the Psychosphere blog for more.)
Spirits don't know how to give back sometimes. They find someone who's open and it feels good to them.
For those male spirits who think they're in love with me:
Maybe you are. And maybe it would have been nice. And maybe in some future life it will be nice. I don't trust romantic love too much. And just like an incarnate man, how would I know you weren't getting around?
Besides, I'm not exactly Christie Brinkley! I'm too heavy, have a piggy nose, and horsey teeth. You only think you love me because I've been nice to you. Don't hurt me by confusing gratitude with love.
Some of you were really sick and messed up in life. Most of you are better now in a lot of ways but you are still very needy. You behave as vampires sometimes. This isn't to say I want you to go away. I just need you to give back a little bit. I have felt quite suicidal for the past couple of days now. I really don't want to join you just yet. Please, don't take from me when I'm like this.
I present this information in spite of the fact that it makes me look less than sane because I know there are others out there who experience this. At least I can let them know they are not alone.
Love and Best Wishes,
(Lily Tears)

Monday, February 06, 2006

My Fallen Angel

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Less than Peaceful Thoughts

I am going to kill!
Both of the new posts that I placed here last night have disappeared. Gone to who the hell knows where? Another post that I worked on for a long time on a different blog reverted to a previous form. My hatred of Blogger at this moment is at an all time high.