Saturday, February 18, 2006

Aboriginal beliefs

I have been reading about the Australian Aborigines recently. Although highly civilized Westerners may scoff at their "simplistic" beliefs, I find much wisdom in them. I can't claim to understand all about the dreamtime, but it seems pretty straightforward.
The spirit or essence of a person exists before birth. It then lives for a period in a body. When it dies, it goes back to the All That Is. Spirits are very much a part of Aboriginal society. The Aborigines accept that spirits communicate with living beings during the time that the living person is asleep. While sleeping, the living person enters the Dreamtime temporarily.
Modern people write off such experiences as purely psychological phenomena. They see people such as the Aborigines as "quaint" and "barbaric," and refer to them in patronizing ways. Some people in the past have used their "modern" thinking as an excuse to see the natives of a given land as less than human, which thus "excuses" the settlers stealing land and goods from the native people.
I am enjoying learning about the Australian Aborigines and have been listening to their haunting, relaxing music. One can't help but get closer to the source of All That Is when hearing the music played by these people and by the various American Indians. And I believe that we overly complex "civilized" people can learn much from them. They accept "what is" and don't try to explain it away.
One should always be grateful for new sources of Gnosis and not take the chauvinistic attitude that modernized beliefs are inherently superior to ancient ones.


Justin Thyme said...

Interesting - much of the aboriginal beliefs parallel Kabbalah...

Hope all is well with you, my dear one! :-)

cheesemeister said...

I'm doing ok. Mostly physically tired. But the taxes are done. Therefore, am in Bush Burner mode.
But other than that, pretty good!