Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ghost Sickness

This is a really interesting page that seems relevant to my previous post. Here is an excerpt.

Obsession with the Deceased Taxon
ghost sickness: (American Indian groups) preoccupation with death and the deceased, sometimes associated with witchcraft. Symptoms may include bad dreams, weakness, feelings of danger, loss of appetite, fainting, dizziness, fear, anxiety, hallucinations, loss of consciousness, confusion, feelings of futility, amd a sense of suffocation.

I do go through this during/after contact with a particularly troubled spirit. I don't know if it means anything or not, but I am part Cherokee.
Not so's you could really tell by looking at my blond, fair-skinned self. Though a former co-worker said he could tell by my high cheekbones.



Justin Thyme said...

I have always wondered if there is a connection between 'ghost sickness' or even the ability to see/perceive ghosts and spirits and conditions such as bipolar disorder... I hope this does not sound strange (and certainly mean no offense) but I've noticed that most people I know who are bipolar also have an increased ability to see and/or hear spirits. Granted, it would be difficult to do any kind of scientfic study to determine whether there is indeed a correlation, but it would definitely be interesting to find out!

Hope all is well with you - sorry for the absence of late... with my DSL down at home (finally repaired!) for the past three weeks, my internet access has been rather limited to just answering e-mail and updating my blog while in the office.

cheesemeister said...

It doesn't sound strange at all and actually I agree with you. Also, I believe that people who are schizophrenic are hypersensitive to the astral world. I liken it to the physical blood-brain barrier that keeps toxins from entering the brain. In schizophrenia, the barrier that is present to protect us from the astral realm is somehow damaged or incomplete. This opens them to things that most of us shut out or only see when dreaming.
It's always so good to hear from you! :-) I'm doing fairly well right now and hope that all is well in your world!