Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Yahweh as an Almighty Alien Theory

I'll plead the fifth on directly answering as to what my thoughts are about this. I hold to the belief that anything is possible although most things suck.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Web of Qabalah…ofqabalah/

Fellow students of the mysteries will appreciate this fine website.

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On Religion and Mental Illness and sympathy for the Devil

A blog friend of mine who also suffers from bipolar is going through a tough spot in this holly jolly fucking season. She had this to say regarding her family:
They all belong to 2 schools of thougth: 1) If you have a mental illness it’s because you aren’t a Christian & will be al better if you ask Jesus into your heart. 2) Pull up your boot straps & march on!! Well, I was a Christian & experienced both mania & depression, I did as a teen, too; my point is that my mental illness was not healed when I became a Christian. The fact that they don’t acknowledge mental illness both hurts & infuriates me, yet I’m sure part of the reason they dismiss anything I say is because they’d say I’m mentally ill.
I was inspired to reply:
I know just what you mean about the Christian thing. I was raised Catholic. With all love and respect due to the wonderful, benevolent, enlightened soul Jesus, I cannot stand the dogma of the Christian churches. I first attempted suicide while I was still a devout Catholic. I got a lot of the Bootstrap philosophy growing up too. Best not tell anyone you have mental problems or you’ll never get a job. Nobody wants to hire a nut case. Believe me, I heard it often. Well, fuckemall!

I didn't mention this because it wasn't relevant to the post, but I have also gotten this gem from both Christians and New Age types:
Mental illness is caused by demons. If you just exorcise the demons, you'll be ok.
I actually believe in the existence of demons. However, it's like giving coffee to a drunk. What you have is an awake drunk. If you exorcise a mentally ill person, what you have is a mentally ill person who is freed from the influence of demons for a time. They are still mentally ill.
Demons tend to seek out those whose auras are weakened, and the self-esteem deficits that come part and parcel with mental illness open weak spots in the aura and put out a welcome sign for the demons, who then proceed to mentally torture the unfortunate soul. This is why flirting with the darker sides of mysticism tend to be dangerous from anyone who suffers from mental illness. While a perfectly mentally stable and highly adept magician might be able to have a positive experience conversing with a demon, most of us would be advised to avoid such discourses.
Unfortunately, the Dark Arts tend to draw persons who are mentally unstable (myself included in my younger days) because a) our life has been shit in many ways and b) we want a positive change and FAST, and the more benevolent magicks tend to take longer to work.
It was my son who postulated Satan as a positive force as far as the workings of the Universe, but one to be reckoned with very cautiously. He stated that in his view, Satan is a trickster deity. He presents people with temptations and answers their wishes. However, if these wishes are selfish in nature (which the majority of them are) they will lead to the downfall of the person making the wish.
Satan, by the way, does not possess people. He has no need to do so. People will fuck themselves over quite well all on their own. It is various minor demons that possess people. These feed on the misery of their victim.
As trickster deities go, I once called on Loki to shake things up in my incredibly miserable life. I was 23 and had been in a severe depression for about a year. I felt I had nothing to lose. Fortunately, for whatever reason, Loki seems to be kindly disposed towards me. I don't ask him for anything unless I really mean it. I am inclined to believe that he may have played a part in bringing me into partnership with a certain Norse spectre with whom I write books.
The mills of the Gods grind slow, but they grind exceeding fine.

A replica of a carving of the god Loki featured on a stone furnace shield. Loki is the patron gods of blacksmiths. If you are a blacksmith or just like Loki, get your stone shield here.
The only thing that could make it cooler is if Loki would autograph it. Because I'm a doofus I can just see this: "Best wishes to my friend so and so from Loki."


At this point I'm either an agnostic or a gnostic Pagan Buddhist depending on what day you catch me on. In other words, if there is a creator deity (or multiple deities) then it wants us to be decent to each other is my philosophy!

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Monday, December 22, 2008

And just what does THIS say about me??

I know y'all will think this is crazy given my metaphysical beliefs and my love of heavy metal music, but I actually LIKE the show "Touched By an Angel." I shoulda been a Gemini, astrologically, as often as I find myself conflicting with myself this way. But I don't have Gemini anywhere in my chart. For the basics, I have an Aquarius sun with Aquarius rising and a Leo moon. I have Virgo and Scorpio in my chart. I think the Scorpio is in Saturn and the Virgo is in Mars. But no Gemini to speak of.

Honestly, I like it when people have eclectic tastes. Personally, I'm tired of apologizing for mine. Like Popeye sez, I Yam What I Yam.

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New Strange World Update

I've updated my personal social network, New Strange World.…angeworld/ This is a place for creative, open-minded people, especially those with an interest in the esoteric or mystic.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

A description of my mediumistic abilities (from Experience Project)

I am an empathic or clairsentient medium. I can sense emotions from the living as well, but my book was written based on information I received from a very interesting ghost. Interestingly, the spirits who talk to me are rarely people that I knew in life. Most are musicians (go figure) and most died prematurely or violently. All of them are earthbound. And they hate having people try to "send them to the light" when they aren't ready. This may be why they like me--because I listen to them and don't try to send them anywhere. Most of them have been nothing but kind to me. I don't fear them and hate when "real life" grounds me too much to really be able to sense them.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Check me out on E-Snips

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Positive Energy Appreciated

Please send some positive energy to my brother if you can spare a little. I know you don't know him of course but he will have to have back surgery this coming April. He is one of the Real Heroes, working as a firefighter and a paramedic and a SWAT medic. He injured his back when he came down off the fire engine and slipped. Right now he's getting cortisone shots to relieve the pain. Just wish I could do something more to help.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Supporting Each Other

The microblogs Twitter and Utterli are not only tools for keeping in touch with online friends, they are promotional tools. Some of you may already be using these.
For those who are new to microblogging or who haven't heard of the less well-known Utterli, you can post short messages, including links using these services. The easiest way is to sign up for both and then post your messages in Utterli and have it cross-post to Twitter so you don't have to type the same thing twice, as Utterli has this ability. You can also cross-post to Blogger, Flickr, You Tube, and I believe Word Pad or Type Pad and Live Journal, and you can link Utterli to your Facebook profile.
If you are a writer or performance artist or market any kind of product or service, we can help each other by following each other on Twitter and Utterli as well. Or we can just have fun. I use my pen name (Lily Strange) rather than my affiliate marketing name (Jobkiller) as I initially started using these services to promote my book. I'm good with having a ton of blogs but having a ton of microblog profiles too would only drive me over the edge of insanity for certain!
For artistic types (artists, writers, musicians) there is also Humble Voice. I almost gave up on it at first--the platform isn't the easiest to use. But once I got the hang of it, I liked it. I've posted several poems and paragraphs to my albums. I have not, however, figured out how to change my profile. I've been getting spams to my inbox from girls looking for a sugar daddy! If that's your kind of thing, you may be rushing to sign up for Humble Voice toot sweet just for that! But considering that I'm straight and have neither the means nor the desire to be a sugar mama anyway, I just think it's funny.
My Facebook profile is
You freaks might also want to join Vampire Freaks. Not just for vampire fans, also a good place for bands, artists and writers to promote themselves.
And don't forget about my place for those "of a mind" or at least of an open mind when it comes to the paranormal. among your own kind. Leave the pig faced people to their pig faced world. Being a freak is beautiful!
My Twitter profile is and my Utterli profile is
If you'd like to follow each other on these services, go ahead and leave a comment with your Twitter and Utterli profile links and I'll follow you!
To our success/friendship/excuse to kill time

A little somethin-somethin about me

Many of you already know this stuff about me, but for those who don't, here's a little meme that we did over at the What Happened to the Magick cult on Vampire Freaks.

Name: Lily Strange
(not my real name, but the name I write under. My real name sounds like I'd write revolting romances. Yech!)
Age: 43
(and still alive despite my best efforts)
Location: United States

And if you feel like it:

Chosen path: I just describe myself as a mystic, or a gnostic. I take wisdom where I find it. The name of the religion doesn't matter.
Starsign: Aquarius
What got you interested in the occult: I was raised Catholic and I hated all the dogma. I fooled around with trying to conjure demons when I was 16, until I got the hell scared out of me.
When I was 17, a friend of mine did a tarot reading for me. That was the first time I'd ever seen Tarot cards. He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, yet the reading he did was incredibly accurate.
I also come from a very psychic family. My great grandfather could see ghosts. Everyone on my mother's side of the family has precognitive dreams. When I was a child, I used to be able to see animal ghosts. I have seen one human ghost, but I talk to ghosts frequently.
Who invited you: Lynzi, I think
Anything else:
Well, since people here may be "of a mind," I don't mind pimping my book. Hope it's ok that I do.
So far this has a really good feel. Cool--I could use that!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Animal welfare drive

Please consider making a donation to this drive for animal welfare. When you do, please mention my name, Lily Strange, on the donation form, and you will get a free reading. Thank you!

Monday, December 08, 2008

The Rest Room

I'd like to invite you to join the "The Rest Room" room on FriendFeed, a place for us to share and discuss things. You can check it out here:
Come talk shit with your friends and soon to be friends! Or just use the Friend Feed application to organize your cyber-crap. You will thank me.

Friday, December 05, 2008

My New Social Network

Are you the open-minded sort? Have you ever been described as left of center? Are you possibly creative, potentially psychic, or maybe just psycho? Then come join my new fellowship! I created it especially for freaks like you and me.

Visit New Strange World

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


This is something I was discussing with a friend earlier today and thought I'd share it.

I've learned a few years ago from the writer Konstantinos that there are more alignments than just good and evil. He divides them into good light and evil light, good dark and evil dark. Good dark is very misunderstood and often mistaken for evil, even by the individual who is themselves of this alignment. It just means that certain people have an affinity for creatures of shadow. I actually think that it was such a being that scared me out of dabbling in Satanism when I was 16. It was a tall, shadowy shape in a cloak. For many years I thought it was an evil being but I have since come to believe otherwise. Looking back, I didn't sense evil from it although it did seem like it was fully prepared to kick my ass if need be and didn't mind doing so. I believe it was actually there to prevent me from conjuring demons, which would have eventually led to insanity and suicide. Even so, I endured attempts at possession for a number of years. Demons enjoy finding vulnerable individuals to torture. They use one's own doubts and fears against oneself.
Life is hard enough as it is. No sense in making it more difficult. However, it is hardly true that doing any kind of magic will lead to attracting demons. One must specifically have demon conjuration in mind, or at least be doing spell work with harmful intent. This is why cursing someone or willing harm on them while employing magical means is ill advised. It opens the door for opportunistic entities which will cause further problems for the individual that they choose to target.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Demon Slayer Website

This is a site that I found which describes the symptoms of demonic possession. Take a look. You may find it interesting.