Sunday, December 21, 2008

A description of my mediumistic abilities (from Experience Project)

I am an empathic or clairsentient medium. I can sense emotions from the living as well, but my book was written based on information I received from a very interesting ghost. Interestingly, the spirits who talk to me are rarely people that I knew in life. Most are musicians (go figure) and most died prematurely or violently. All of them are earthbound. And they hate having people try to "send them to the light" when they aren't ready. This may be why they like me--because I listen to them and don't try to send them anywhere. Most of them have been nothing but kind to me. I don't fear them and hate when "real life" grounds me too much to really be able to sense them.


Tom & Icy said...

And they say "Dead men tell no tales." That's one for Myth Busters.

Barfight Bitch said...

I want to be able to that. The daily living in the world doesnt give so much opportunity to be busy with mystery, magic, surprising things etc.
People who sent ghosts to the light, want to have the world predictable and organized...
But I want to see one ;) Not so scared for it anymore, or better said: I accept the fear.
When I was younger I was so scared of some unexplainable things.
Same with nightmares: I could fill a library with it as a child. And I didnt enjoy that at all. Now I somehow like them in a strange way, but they come seldom anymore.
Thats a thing why I like Marilyn Manson. Once I saw a stage act that came right out of my dreams when I was 8 or so. I was glad to see that. So these things had hunted him too;)
Well, but ever since I want to see 'strange' things there not there. Probably they've never been there in the past, only the fear.
And these nightmares, that are so welcome nowadays, let me down. Maybe just because they cant terrify me so much anymore as in the old days.

Nacht uil

Lily Strange said...

T&I--I beg to differ. It's one for Ghost Hunters.

BB--Nothing kills the ability to get a good scare on like writing horror fiction. Ever since I've started doing it in earnest I can't watch a scary movie or read a scary book and get good and SCARED. I see the plot and I enjoy it but I've lost the "fun" of a good scare.
Interestingly, I can NOT go into "haunted houses." I did once and had nightmares about it for weeks. I'm claustrophobic as hell and being in dark, enclosed places terrifies me. Also I don't like having people jump out at me. It's a little too much like an amusement park ride--too much adrenaline and I pitch a panic attack.

Lily Strange said...

The ghosts I work with say that "sending ghosts to the light" doesn't work anyway. The ghost just leaves the person's sphere of influence. They have all said that the person could just ask, and a human ghost with any kind of decency will leave, unless they have a very strong reason to stay. Most ghosts don't want to bother people, they're just lonely.
Also, there's a difference between an autonomous human spirit and a psychic imprint. A psychic imprint can be seen making repetitive actions. These are the "haunted house" ghosts. There isn't an actual human spirit there but it can be a good place to call the spirit of a person whose image is being seen. I once asked my co-author if there was a psychic imprint in the place where he committed suicide. He said that he imagines there might be, but he's never gone back there and doesn't intend to. He rebuffed the idea that some people have that someone like him would "relive" an event like that continually. He said that "once was quite enough. Why the fuck would I want to do it over and over and over again. I'm not that stupid!"
There are a lot of psychic imprints or shells where I work. I saw one (possibly two) when I was just waking up from a nap. One was an old woman using a walker. Big surprise there since I work in a retirement community! The other was a little dog that belonged to a former co-worker. The only thing that scared me about the old lady was that I thought she was a real person and didn't want to be busted sleeping!

Barfight Bitch said...

Hmmm thats a pity, not being scared by movies or books anymore. Btw, would be fun to write a story and be afraid of it yourself! To me there's only one movie still left that scares me, the exorcist. One scene I can't watch. Thats that she comes upside down walking from the stairs.
I like haunted places, or places that seem like it, for I never saw or heard a ghost. They have always attracted me. When I'm in I want to leave, when I'm out I want to get back. One of the nicest was a world war II bunker in the dunes near my place. I went there a lot, with some friends. It had a small hole in which you go and than go down. I liked to go in with a torch and investigate the hall and the rooms. The hole was small, only one person at a time could leave. We never got in with more than 3. And when someone would freak out and make the others panic, not all together could go out. You knew that in advance. There has never been panic, but the idea that it could, and not knowing what could be in there at all, gave me the sweetest exitement.
Now I wonder, there can have been so much in there... There were times in my youth that I dared a lot of things, but since years and years I'm easily afraid in the dark, especially when alone.

Lily Strange said...

Oh, I wanted to make clear that the haunted houses I can't go into are the ones they set up at Halloween with the actors in costume jumping out at you, and the strobe lights and such. I KNOW they're actors in costume. But there are often dark, tight areas to navigate, and then someone in full zombie regalia jumps out at you. THAT I can't handle. It just fires up the old amygdala, or whatever part of the brain takes care of that flight or fight stuff, way too much. It's really lame, but I can't hang.
The other kind of haunted house I'm good with--at least if I had a real good flashlight! And a backup in case that one go out. And no fucking way I'm going into any crawl spaces!

Lily Strange said...

I agree about the Exorcist. I can FALL ASLEEP watching most horror movies but I don't want to fall asleep watching that one!