Wednesday, December 03, 2008


This is something I was discussing with a friend earlier today and thought I'd share it.

I've learned a few years ago from the writer Konstantinos that there are more alignments than just good and evil. He divides them into good light and evil light, good dark and evil dark. Good dark is very misunderstood and often mistaken for evil, even by the individual who is themselves of this alignment. It just means that certain people have an affinity for creatures of shadow. I actually think that it was such a being that scared me out of dabbling in Satanism when I was 16. It was a tall, shadowy shape in a cloak. For many years I thought it was an evil being but I have since come to believe otherwise. Looking back, I didn't sense evil from it although it did seem like it was fully prepared to kick my ass if need be and didn't mind doing so. I believe it was actually there to prevent me from conjuring demons, which would have eventually led to insanity and suicide. Even so, I endured attempts at possession for a number of years. Demons enjoy finding vulnerable individuals to torture. They use one's own doubts and fears against oneself.
Life is hard enough as it is. No sense in making it more difficult. However, it is hardly true that doing any kind of magic will lead to attracting demons. One must specifically have demon conjuration in mind, or at least be doing spell work with harmful intent. This is why cursing someone or willing harm on them while employing magical means is ill advised. It opens the door for opportunistic entities which will cause further problems for the individual that they choose to target.