Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Aura Colors Test

Click the title link to take the Aura Colors test. Here is how I scored:
(huh! huh! I scored!)
11 in Blue and Lavender
10 in Yellow and Crystal
9 in Violet and Indigo
7 in Abstract Tan
6 in Sensitive Tan and Green
5 in Environmental Tan, Magenta and Red Overlay
4 in Logical Tan
3 in Orange
2 in Red

My Attributes:
Blue: People frequently turn to me with emotional problems and I lovingly and patiently help them.
I have been known to cry easily (though I tend never to cry in front of others.)
One of my strongest priorities is to be in a loving relationship. (This is true although I am not capable of being in a romantic relationship on the physical plane. Love means something different to me than erotic/romanitc expression.)
I feel guilty when I say no.
God (The Powers That Be) and spirituality are very important to me.
I tend to help and take care of others.
I frequently have cold hands and feet. (I thought that was due to hypothyroidism, but, ok.)
When there is conflict, I want everyone to love each other.
Love and people are the most important elements in my life. (The people I love are very important to me.)
I tend to feel the emotions of other people. (Sometimes to my detriment.)
I have difficulty letting go of relationships. (Even when they are toxic as hell.)
I enjoy fantasy and make-believe more than the "real" world.
I am quiet, sensitive and spiritual. (Although I really enjoy making an ass out of myself in a funny play.)
I have a difficult time managing money.
I tend to spend a lot of time alone, daydreaming.
I prefer pretty, gentle and fine artistic things and I am uncomfortable with dirt, bugs and harsh environments. (This is iffy. I am fascinated by 'dark' stuff, but prefer monster or good vs. evil themes to 'slasher' films. I don't mind a bit of dust and clutter, but I despise bugs. I do appreciate beautiful artwork and environments. I would love to go to Hawaii or someplace of that nature.)
I am often forgetful and frequently spacey.
People accuse me of being irresponsible and unrealistic.
I have difficulty dealing with everyday responsibilities.
I am an imaginative and creative thinker; however, I usually have trouble following through on my ideas. (It took me 14 years to finish my first book. What do you think?)
I seem to be out of my body more than I am in it. (I'm in it but not 'in reality' a lot of the time.)
I prefer to work in relaxed, low-stress environments.
It is very important to me to be able to play, have fun, exercise, and be with people. (And it doesn't happen very often.)
I like to laugh and cheer people up.
I have had a tendency to regularly overdo at least one of the following: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, sex, exercise, chocolates, sweets or overeating. (The last four are still demons of mine. But I don't think a little chocolate is bad for you!)
When there is conflict, my first impulse is to run away or avoid the situation.
I need physical exercise or dance on a regular basis. (And sometimes its hard to even get off my ass to walk the dogs.)
I like to be creative, artistic, or work with my hands.
I tend to look younger than my age. (But feel older!)
My feelings can be hurt very easily.
I wish that people could just play all the time.
I believe that sex should be fun. (Although I'm celibate, in my perfect world I certainly wouldn't be! I said 'celibate,' and that's by choice. But I'm not dead from the waist down! For me, sex is only fun if the heart and head are involved anyway. The BIG head, that is!)
I sometimes like to be spontaneous, but without order, I tend to become very agitated.
I often choose to work in quiet, calm and peaceful environments. (Although most of the time I choose to listen to loud, raucous, angry music.)
I am extremely sensitive and can be overwhelmed by being around too many people.
I need to spend a lot of time alone in quiet meditation to replenish myself.
Spending quiet time reading or being in my garden is therapeutic for me.
Physical reality often feels cold, harsh and threatening to me.
I don't always know how to behave in social situations.
My spirituality and my serene inner connection with God (The Powers That Be) are the most important aspects of my life. (One of them.)
Frequently I am unsure of what I am supposed to do on the planet.
I tend to be withdrawn, quiet and insecure.
I often feel I have quiet, inner healing powers. (Which I have never learned how to tap properly.)
I feel that I have a message to get across to people.
I have a strong desire to help improve the planet.
I have always felt that I was going to be famous or do something important. (Better damn well hurry if its true!)
I have had a desire to perform to audiences. (Or reach audiences.)
If I had a lot of money, I would travel or become involved in humanitarian causes.
I am very interested in cosmic and universal concepts.
(I can sometimes end up as the center of attention.)
(I visualize future events, but more often I "know" the truth about something and it turns out to be fact, no matter how illogical it may seem. Sometimes it takes a long time for the truth to be revealed.)
I can become involved in too many projects at the same time. (always)
Freedom and independence are major priorities to me. (I am damn sick of dancing to someone else's beat!)
I would much rather be self-employed. (Rather, making money doing what I enjoy. I think I'm too scatterbrained to successfully run a business.)
Waking up suddenly causes me physical pain. (Distress and upset.)
I have difficulty relating to the world in its current condition and often feel that I don't belong here.
I have difficulty relating to my physical body.
I have a highly sensitive physical, emotional and psychological system.
I have no issues regarding sexual preference in others as long as they aren't after kids, animals, or people they're related to. I have some past abuse issues and hate when I have homosexual dreams.
I know that there is a spiritual energy in all things.
I have a strong curiosity about physical reality as it relates to spirituality.
I am extremely sensitive and mostly compassionate. I'm an independent thinker but sometimes tend to fold too easily, so I can't really qualify myself as "strong."
I tend to question and challenge old, dogmatic beliefs and methods. (I still want to moon Jerry Fallwell before I die!)
I cannot be forced to operate against my beliefs, even if it would make others happy.
I feel more creative and spiritually "advanced" than others. (At least than the "dumb driven cattle" which seem to make up 90% of the population. I've met several people whose spiritual and creative abilities completely eclipse mine, and I bow down to them!)
Abstract Tan:
I frequently feel scattered, often forget appointments, or overbook my schedule with conflicting appointments. (I am bipolar!)
I can see all the details that need to be taken care of, but I have difficulty deciding which ones need to be done first. (Probably the ones that I least want to do.)
I am constantly misplacing things. (Keys, appointment book, brain...)
I prefer jobs that allow me to work randomly with all the details of a project.
I get so busy and things get so hectic that I often forget to pay my bills. (I am bipolar...)
I am open, optomistic and very friendly. (I am friendly enough unless threatened. I am a curmudgeon, which overshadows blind optimism. I am not, however, a complete pessimist. I tend to be pretty open about who I am, on one hand, but very guarded on the other.)
I love humanity, but am often uncomfortable maintaining an intimate relationship. (I like people one on one but hate the human race as a whole. I fear people finding out the whole truth about me.)
I usually see numerous solutions to a problem. (But most of them aren't practical.)
I know many acquaintances but have very few close friends.
Sensitive Tan:
Home and family are two of my most important priorities.
I feel that supporting community activities and attending functions such as PTA meetings is important. (I and my son participate in most of the activities relating to his school. Community meetings are important but I would rather grind my feet off with a rasp than go to them.)
Having a sense of security and stability in my home is important to me. (My son has turned out to be a surprisingly well-balanced young man considering the emotional volatility he endured during his early life. Very seldom was he the target, but he saw a lot of fighting between his father and myself, which was always verbally abusive and sometimes physically violent. I have tried to provide him with stability since then. Unfortunately I was not diagnosed as bipolar until he was 14, so he still sometimes witnessed emotional outbursts on my part. Since the diagnosis, he and I have talked a lot and although initially he expressed some anger with me for being unable to control my upsets in his presence, he has since become very calm and rational about the whole thing and we are very supportive of each other.
Security...damn, it would be nice not to have what we need and not wonder which bills we can pay this month!)
I tend to be a patient listener. (usually)
I tend to be quiet, reserved, and often shy.
I believe that service to humanity is true spirituality.
I usually put my family's needs before my own.
I prefer to work in a structured environment. (Kind of. With a J.O.B.* I like knowing what to expect when I come to work.)
(*J.O.B. stands for Just Over Broke.)
I can be a workaholic and have a hard time relaxing.
I tend to be a perfectionist and am usually demanding on myself and others. (Myself, but not others.)
I need to learn and to be intellectually stimulated. (Or at least to be moving forward.)
I can be strong-willed and tenacious.
Three of my strongest priorities are making a lot of money, accomplishing my financial and business goals, and being respected by other powerful and intelligent people. (I want a lot of money because I don't want to have to worry about money and so I can help others with it. I want to accomplish my personal goals. I want to be respected by the kind of people whom I respect, which encompasses a real variety of people.)
I like things to be organized and well-planned. I frequently write lists. (I said this is what I LIKE. This is not generally my reality!)
I enjoy the challenge of developing plans and ideas rather than doing detailed work. (I tend to be an idea person, but I love doing detailed work if its on a project I'm passionate about. My attention to detail sometimes bogs me down.)
I have high standards in relationships and tend to be bored easily by most other people. (Most "normal" people really don't understand me, so its not likely we'd be hanging out together much anyway.)
People can be intimidated by me. (And I really don't understand why.)
I am often in a hurry.
Environmental Tan:
I enjoy analyzing and measuring the environment.
I am slow to develop friends and usually spend my time alone.
Money is important to me for security and stability.
I am a responsible, dedicated employee who follows directions well.
I am a very private person and keep my feelings to myself.
I prefer stable jobs and reliable paychecks. (But would rather be making money doing "my thing."
When raising children, I would be a rational disciplinarian. (I'm actually pretty relaxed. I state what the rules are and generally don't have to get harsh about it.)
Acting foolish and outrageous is fun and does not embarrass me. (Depends on how much I've had to drink!)
My lifestyle tends to be flamboyant and eccentric. (My true personality is flamboyant and eccentric but I prefer to be a frumpy, middle-aged woman.)
I believe controversy is necessary and that it keeps life interesting. (Depends on who I'm pissing off.)
I like the bizarre and the unusual. (As long as nobody's getting hurt.)
I do not usually conform to society's rules or laws.
Although I love parties and social events, I have trouble keeping friends because my behavior sometimes shocks people. (More like my beliefs sometimes shock the "normals" in this world.)
I enjoy outrageous artistic expression. (As long as nobody's getting hurt.)
I love to learn about new things, but I tend to have a short attention span. I often leave things unfinished. (I am bipolar.)
I feel alone and misunderstood a lot of the time.
Red Overlay:
I sometimes experience intense, often uncontrollable anger or rage. (Which is better since I started taking Lithium.)
My life seems to be a constant struggle.
I consistenly experience conflict and frustration regarding relationships, health, money, and/or career.
I experienced at least one of the following as a child:
Emotionally, physically or mentally abandoned or rejected (i.e. unwanted child, adopted, alcoholic parent, etc.) (My mother really didn't want kids. I could always tell, but she never said so until I was 27 years old. I was cool with it, I just wanted to know.)
Emotionally, physically, or mentally abused. (My parents didn't mean to, but I always felt I could do nothing right in their eyes. Also I was sexually molested at a young age. I have no conscious memory of it, but certain behaviors and physical symptoms, obsessions and flashes in dreams made me realize the truth.)
Life threatening situation before birth, at birth, or at a young age. (I was born slightly prematurely, but that wasn't really life threatening. I could never sleep. Once I didn't sleep for several nights and was given phenabarbitol. This had the opposite of the desired effect. I did not sleep for a week. I was 18 months old. I believe that this was possibly life threatening. At any rate, it was detrimental to my mental health. Even at this young age I was obviously pretty sensitive, fragile, and unusual. I was not a good baby for someone who really didn't want children in the first place.)
Logical Tan:
I do enjoy working with mechanical or electronic gagdgets and machines, i.e. computers, calculators, appliances and electronic games--sometimes more so than people. But I don't know that I would enjoy having such a career.
I enjoy working with details.
I tend to take a long time to make decisions.
I typically follow a regular routine. (I am often in a rut.)
My attitude is "seeing is believing." (It can be when I'm feeling particularly cynical.)
I tend to be a "pack rat," hanging on to things just in case I need them. (I am really terrible about this.)
Having a regular job and a family feels boring to me. (The job, not the family.)
I prefer to spend time alone. (Much of the time. But I also get very lonely.)
I prefer doing individual sports and challenges rather than team sports. (I actually enjoy team sports sometimes, but I'm not good at anything. I like to play casually. The opportunity rarely presents itself.)
I enjoy the challenge of going beyond my physical limitations.
I do not need to share my emotional feelings with anyone. (I don't think my feelings are anyone's business, but often I'm dying to share them with someone.)
I am not interested in what other people think about me. (Pretty well true, but sometimes it matters more than I care to admit. People don't need to like me, but sometimes it hurts when they hate me or feel the need to be detrimental towards me.)
People often see me as self-absorbed and aloof. (I'm really not, but I tend to be shy and reserved, which can come off as self-absorbed and aloof.)
I prefer work that is physical and has immediate, tangible results. (As far as a J.O.B. goes, this can be true.)
I tend to be a loner.
I have a hard time expressing my feelings to others.
I am persistent and hard-working and usually keep the rest of the team going. (I can be a "cheerleader" when needed, but I refuse to wear those dorky little skirts!
Hope you enjoyed reading this novel about me. Or got a little sleep when you nodded off halfway through!