Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why not just believe the materialist theory?

The materialist theory (there's no higher power, no kind of noncorporeal beings, nothing of a person survives the death of the body) makes the most sense according to what we're taught IN THIS SOCIETY. In the society of the Australian Aboriginals, for instance, no-one would even raise an eyebrow if you said you met with someone who had passed from the body while asleep. They take it as a given that the spirit survives the death of the body. The spirit comes from the All that Is to go into a body, then returns to the All That Is when that body dies. To them, our society's materialist perspective probably seems kind of insane, not to mention depressing.
I find myself questioning a lot of my experiences because there are so many naysayers. But whenever I get into that mode of believing the naysayers, everything around me takes on a kind of decay. That degree of nihilism just sucks too much and pushes me right into a major depression. So even if the joke's on me, I have to at least believe in the POSSIBILITY that what I'm experiencing is real.
Just 'cause not everyone has experienced it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I have never experienced being beamed up by a UFO. This doesn't mean it doesn't happen. It just means it's outside the scope of my experience. I choose to walk the fence on the UFO stuff. Maybe it's real, maybe it isn't. I choose to keep myself open minded and say that anything's possible even if it isn't terribly probable.


Tom & Icy said...

Maybe aliens are just spirits in space ships.

masterymistery said...

Yes, isn't it strange how determined some people are that everything's matter (there's a joke in there somewhere) despite all the incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, eg the existence of non-material things such as thought, consciousness, memory, mathematical formulae, meaning, language, color, dreams, and much much more.

Please don't allow the naysayers to impact upon you. Rather, pity them because they impoverish their own lives.

Who wouldn't be miserable and depressed about being nothing more than a bag of bones and a sack of flesh and blood. Thankfully, it's not true.

Sorry for such a long comment but this is something I feel very strongly and deeply about (having been a diehard materialist reductionist for most of my misbegotten life---there's no-one as fanatical in the cause of spirituality than a reformed materialist!).

Please excuse me dropping a couple of links here, but they really are very germane to this conversation.

Firstly, let's attack the smug and dogmatic certainty of the materialist.

Then let's think about what reality might be,

and about the very broad implications of admitting the existence of even just one immaterial thing

And finally, a word about the existence or otherwise of UFOs

Sorry to be a link spammer --- it's the quickest way to offer my opinion on these matters. I could have included many.many, many more links but thankfully restrained myself!