Monday, January 05, 2009

Shame Shame Shame

There are multitudes of inane idiots with computers. This comes as no surprise. The fact that they are using someone else's tragedy as a platform to spew their stupidity is also no surprise. But the Crusty Curmudgeon found it necessary to respond to their religious intolerance, for all the good that it will do. The post that I responded to is here.
According to Mike Evans of, who does the Hollywood report on the radio station that I listen to, Jett Travolta had been on a very strong seizure medication and had to stop taking it because it was destroying his liver. They were trying other medications but none of these were controlling the seizures. Mike did not say this, but in discussing the incident with a fellow medical professional (I'm an EMT, not a doctor, FYI) it became clear that the next step would have been surgery to separate the hemispheres of the brain. This would in effect short-circuit the detrimental electrical activity that causes seizures.
I am incredibly sick and tired of those petty individuals who are using this tragedy as a platform to bash Scientology, stating that Mr. Travolta and Ms. Preston in effect killed their son because "Scientology does not allow for the use of medication." For my own part, I have never heard any compelling reason to convince me to practice Scientology, but the fact that John Travolta and Kelly Preston did practice it did not make them mindless zombies nor unloving parents. It is a shame that many people's thoughts are still so narrow that they would rather belittle a religious or philosophical practice that they do not personally condone at any cost rather than extend thoughts of kindness to their fellow human being in their time of sorrow.


Tom & Icy said...

Scientology and Christian Science are not the same.

Lily Strange said...

True, and I will admit to not knowing the intricacies of either. I was just tired of the unfeeling moron comments from prejudiced idiots who like to bash things they don't understand.