Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gnosis and the Creator Energy

My hodgepodge belief system has a name. That name is "gnosis." A Gnostic takes wisdom from various sources. Although most of my sources of inspiration come from folklore, mythology and religion, some of the sources where I gain esoteric knowledge are not in themselves esoteric.
For me one of the of the greatest sources of inspiration is the "star nursery," which is part of our physical Universe. To me this is evidence of a powerful creator force. This force is not something which needs a name, nor does it require that we worship it. It is benevolent, yet it does not involve itself in the affairs of incarnate creatures. It loves everything it creates, yet this love is not the emotional attachment that most of us think of.
My co-author (or, more specifically, his host or core personality) believes that he encountered this force not long after the death of his body. He believed that he was bound for hell for committing suicide. The core personality distanced himself from the protector personality, who, ironically, was the one who killed their body. He says that he drifted in space for quite some time, not wanting to go to hell. He wondered if he could drift there forever and simply not be noticed. He says that the creator force itself spoke to him, not in words but directly into his mind and told him that his belief that he was bad and would go to hell was erroneous. He told me that being "embraced" by this benevolent force changed his perspective about things and that he felt a powerful desire to somehow return to the world and do something that would help or heal others who suffered, even though it would be a great challenge to do so given the fact that he was now without a body.
This force is not a deity--it created the god/goddess and angelic or demi-god energies which we gave human names and faces to. It is not male or female but both of these energies sprang from it. It did not create the dualisms of good and evil, it is outside of such concepts. Evil was created from fear and anger.
One can revere the creator force and send it benevolent thought energy. But although it is the ultimate form of pure energy, it does not require this, for it is self-sustaining. Working with the various deities can help a person connect with it. Negative energy distances us from it and makes us more alone.
One does not need to follow a given path to benefit from the creator energy. One does not even need to acknowledge it. One simply needs to create positive energy through thought and action. And they will receive more of the same in kind.

*Before commenting, please remember that these are my beliefs and opinions. I am not trying to force you to share them. These discoveries are precious to me and for a long time I kept them to myself for fear of ridicule, which diminishes the beauty and power of anything magical. It is with no little trepidation that I have chosen to share these thoughts in case that someone else may attain "gnosis" from them. If you disagree with what I have shared you are welcome to do so, but please be respectful and do not belittle me for having opinions that are not identical to your own.*


Tom & Icy said...

I always suspected that the Big Bang was a galactic orgasm creating the universe! And evil or negative energy is that little fart that slips out during orgasm.

yellowdog granny said...

the goddess says you're a lot closer to the truth then the christians...muslims and the rest ...

Anonymous said...

So it is the foundation, the basis upon what everything else rests.