Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Friendly Spirits

Steve Irwin's presence is still felt by family, friends and visitors at Australia's zoo. There aren't any reports of telekinetic incidents, i.e. objects being moved or knockings or anything of that nature, just a friendly presence. This is often the case with spirits. A person will feel a presence rather than having a bunch of phenomena happen. And while Steve was the sort of guy given to playing pranks, I believe that at this point he'd rather just let people know that he's still around. He knows how hurt his family and friends were by his death and he doesn't want to upset them. So he gives a psychic hug and a hello.
My spectral co-author often hugs me around the shoulders and I feel a very nice warmth. Which is especially pleasant, given the problems I have with my joints and muscles. He also musses my hair sometimes, but didn't do this at first because he didn't want to frighten me. Sometimes when he has something he really wants to say I'll feel tingling in the "third eye" area or in one of my thumbs.
A friendly spirit will never deliberately frighten someone unless it's someone they deem deserving, i.e. someone who hurts others. I've also encountered the other kind of spirit, as well as demons. But that's a story for another time.


Anonymous said...

Friendly spirits are nice.
On the other hand sometimes you just want to run. but it is rare, thank goddess.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have a question: Some time ago you wrote about the sentence of "betherell" - a kind of totally ignoring one's existence, in fact a kind of death by neglect and damnatio memoriae on the living object - that is mentioned in the story/stories by a man named Stephen Caldwell. I tried to find the man, the stories, betherell and found nothing. That makes me a) even more curious and b) angry, because I take some pride in finding nearly anything on the web - and hey! I advertise my research qualities!
Would you please give me the name of the man again (is "Stephen Caldwell" correct?), a titel of a book or a story, do you know living dates of him? Do you own a book by Caldwell and if so would you give me the bibliographical data (titel, location, year, edition, editor). Has someone written something about "betherell" ? Is it mentioned in articles?

You have the ability to find authors nobody here knows. Like the man you once mentioned who craved stones and lived lonely in a kind of hut or shack and crated his own worlds of beliefe. It is a shame, I forgot the name, I remember his drawings and photographs i saw, because I did research after you mentioned him, you named him as not source but influence for your own writing argl ... but I found him, and found nothing from or about this Caldwell.
Give me some details please.
Thank you.