Monday, March 31, 2008

The Lesson of Zeus

Trying to do too much spell work on a given night was really doing me in. I slated myself for an hour each night and to do as many spells or invocations as fit the number of the day. Thus on today, Monday, I would do nine. This actually negated the power of the spell. When I found the widget for the deity of the day, I decided that as a polytheist, I should focus upon the deity of the day as well as the properties of the day.
Some days this ends up being a time to invoke and chat with a deity for a while. Every little bit of positive energy is a blessing. But sometimes great gifts are bestowed. The deity of the day is Zeus. I looked up an invocation for him and did not specifically find one. I did, however, find a fine educational page on the various aspects of Zeus.
I felt that as Monday is governed by the moon and the moon governs aspects such as purification and clearing, and Zeus is a multifaceted deity, I would call upon him to help me make positive changes. There is a spell for getting away from a bad environmental situation in the book Tarot Spells by Janina Renee, and this is what I chose. The bad environment being entrapment in chronic debt, being a wage slave and the wage is never enough, feeling old, run-down, tired and hopeless. This is all shit. So I asked Father Zeus for his blessing and assistance and I began the spell work.
When a very clear vision comes of a deity, this is a very positive sign. I saw in my mind's eye Father Zeus riding in a chariot over the sea towards the shore on which I was standing in my vision. The sky was blue but with some clouds and it was a windy day, though there was no storm as such. He approached me and I knew he approved of my request and granted me blessing. I spoke to him of the things I wanted to change and asked his blessings and protection for myself and my loved ones.
One of the gifts he gave me had to do with breathing to clear the chakras, and picturing the sephira on the Tree of Life as I did so. You breathe deeply according to the number of the day, which for Monday is nine times. This method is the one I learned. If you are more comfortable with other names and colors for the chakras, use your own.
First breathe into the crown Chakra, above the head. This chakra is pure white energy. Next the brow, which has a violet hue. Then the third eye, which is indigo. Envision a blue light energy for the throat. Following this I envision the Thymus chakra which is attuned to Daath. This is between the throat and the heart, and the energy is clear. Next is the heart, the energy of which is green, followed by the solar plexus, which is golden yellow. The energy then flows down to the spleen chakra, which is actually situated in the navel area. Following this is the root chakra, which is at the base of the spine and also encompasses the reproductive organs.
In my method, the energy then flows to another chakra at the level of the knees. The color is difficult to describe, being the color of night itself. This is not an opaque black, but a clear black with highlights of silver and gold, like the moon and stars. Although I am breathing to this area, in my mind I am seeing the wonderful dwellers of the moon-sphere, humanoids with birdlike heads holding staffs. These are the guardians of the gate between worlds. They may seem fearsome but are actually benevolent, ready to guide those who approach them with pure intent. Finally, breathe into the foot chakra, which is a swirling mass of all the colors of the rainbow.
While doing this exercise, focus the energy given to you by the deity whose blessing you have asked down through each chakra, so as to bring the energy for your spell/petition from the Heavens to the Earth sphere Malkuth, which in the human body is represented by the foot chakra.
Finally, lift the energy from the foot chakra and send it back in an arc on either side of your body to the crown (Kundalini) chakra above your head, from the crown to the feet, in a continuous stream of pure white energy. This establishes as above so below.
This essay was written while in a spontaneous trance induced while participating in the spell work blessed by Zeus. I am not inclined to edit such spontaneous work, although later when my consciusness is integrated fully once again into the physical world, I may clarify certain aspects of the essay.
Blessed be,


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