Saturday, April 11, 2009

Respect the Ghost

I was enlightened today on how spirits can make themselves seem to be many places at once. They project positive thought at their targets. Thus they can make their energy felt in more than one place at a time. This ability is not unique to discarnate souls, but it is more easy for them to use.
What got me wondering about this was the fact that many people claim that my co-author is with them, sometimes for long periods of time. I'm thinking, well, he can't be with all y'all all of the time. I decided to ask him about this. He explained that if someone makes a (psychic) contact that he feels, he will usually send energy to them. He does make occasional visits to people, but neither he nor any other human spirit are going to be with any person for long periods of time unless they are working with the person on something or have a serious message to impart. It would simply take too much of their energy to keep focusing on being sensed that way. They get tired too, even though they don't have to sleep.
This makes me realize that we need to be considerate of our spectral friends. I have at various times in my life been desperate and clingy with them the way I've been at other times with incarnate people. Doing this drains their energy. Now I simply say hello to my spectral friends when I wake up and before I go to sleep, along with the Powers that Be. Sometimes one will pop in to say hello, but usually its just positive energy coming back at me, and I'm ok with that. When one of them is working with me on something, they'll be around for longer.
It isn't that they don't care, but like incarnate humans, Earthbound spirits have obligations. I am guilty of taking advantage of the kindness of my spectral friends at various times and calling on them to help me fix problems that I could fix myself, or that I should have called on higher powers to help me with. Earthbound spirits are not powers, they are people. Certain psychic abilities that we all have are easier for them to use, but they are not omnipotent nor omniscient. It is unfair of us to expect them to be.
It is better to call upon angels, elementals, higher spirits, or deities to help us with troubling issues. For our human spirit friends, we need to allow them to work on their own issues. Earthbound spirits are often troubled people who are trying to heal. We wouldn't walk into a rehab hospital and hound our brother, sister, or friend (I hope.) But yet we feel all right doing this to our discarnate friends.
I'm saying this as much to myself as anyone else because sometimes I've given my discarnate pals shit for "ignoring me" and this makes them feel bad. I'm the one that should feel like the horse's ass, though. Please forgive me, Guys. I just got enlightened to the truth today--and I've been talking to ghosts all my life.
We can all help each other heal better by sending each other positive energy and good thoughts, and then appreciating each other when we at last are able to take time out of our busy lives (and afterlives) and spend a little time together. The same rules apply to our living contacts. We need to appreciate--not drain--each other. We're all trying to heal and grow. Let's support each other in this.
I love and appreciate my friends, both living and in spirit.
As I like to say, though it's cliche, I mean it though:
"I love ya, Man!"