Saturday, April 11, 2009

Transcript from tonight's Obsessed Aslylum chat

Read from the bottom up.

“Good night! Next meeting is Wednesday April 18 from 5-6 PM US Mountain time!”
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“The new room description rules!”
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“Well, I think I'll manage the room description and then I'm peace-ing out to eat my quesadilla.”
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“When I'm a ghost, I need to have something to haunt. Any suggestions?”
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“But most importantly, my quesadilla is ready.”
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“One needs to pursue one's true passion. Pursuing what someone else chooses for you doesn't work and it will eventually kill you. Believe me, I know.”
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“There are many stress-related diseases. Heart attacks, strokes, ulcers, even cancer. But also problems like adrenal crash can lead to worse problems, like Addison's disease. When I found that out I was thinking "hell, I'm a huge candidate for that!"”
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“Being overworked and too drained: this isn't just about me, its about anyone who overworks themselves.”
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“I actually try to live a very ethical life. But when it comes to how I live mine, I prefer to make my own rules, so long as they don't harm others.”
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“I don't really hate my job but I do hate being at the mercy of others' rules.”
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“I think I will go back to bed for a while when I get done here. My schedule is rough.”
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“Why would anyone do something so ugly? It is an emptiness within the self.”
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“I have the ability to sense people's emotions, and to know what to say to them based on this. I try to use this to help them, either to feel better or to be encouraged. But in the past, I am ashamed to admit, I have used this ability to really hurt people.”
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“One must become aware, so one uses one's abilities for positive more often than negative outcomes.”
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“But people who become extremely needy inadvertently (or deliberately) drain others to the point where they begin to suffer.”
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“"Are you an energy vampire?" We all give and take with energy to a degree.”
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“When my energies are drained and there are holes in my aura, I start becoming more paranoid too. Then my relationships with people suffer.”
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“Any suggestions on how to do this without coming off like a rude ass would be much appreciated.”
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“I always answer emails, but what I need to do is learn to put limits on being quite so freely available.”
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“I also need to learn how to say no. I'm bad at that. Which is why I put this message up on my official site.
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“Like with most things I do, I'm pretty much self-taught with psychic matters. I have an innate ability to sense energies and communicate with spirits. But I learned on my own through trial and error (a hell of a lot of error) to make use of it.”
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“For someone who deals in psychic matters, I really need to learn to protect myself better. People with disturbing energies or who are so needy that they become psychic vampires are especially disruptive to me.”
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“I wonder about promoting this room--well, duh, I should put a big fat link to it on my home page. Uber duh!”
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“I did start a new chapter this morning. Had to do a fair bit of research on the British rule in India for this one. But that's as much as I'm gonna leak!”
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“Uh...crap! Forgot what I was going to say. I'm very tired most of the time. It makes it hard to focus.”
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“I've got to say that I'm really not focusing--let me try to change that.”
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“I'm not going to get discouraged though. It takes time to build something up.”
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“Well Me, its been nice talking to myself, a credit to dementia...”
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“Hey, me, I'm back! Did you miss me?”
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“I'm gonna go put a Quesadilla in the countertop convection oven!”
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“This is exactly the kind of update that my friend the business analyst abhors:”
28 minutes ago - Comment - More Here's my new essay on the Gnutty Gnostic blog. Just popped it off for ya!”
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“I wish these phucquers with their cam-scams would quit bothering me on their Yahoo messenger. NO, I don't want to see your boobs! Ain't there a law about harassing people?”
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“I don't think I lived there in a previous life. I don't get that sense. It was just really, really interesting. But I don't romanticize it. Tombstone in its heyday was very violent.”
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“I have such a fascination with the history of Tombstone. I've actually looked at the idea of owning land around there. Not seriously because I'm totally broke. But when daydreaming.”
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“I would love to go hang out in Tombstone at night.”
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“Watching a program on the Biography channel about the ghosts of Tombstone.”
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“Going to go begin my essay on sending energy. It isn't too late to join in and be part of the discussion, if you wish. Or if you come by later, feel free to post a comment.”
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“I was having trouble understanding this issue.”
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“I was enlightened today on how spirits can make themselves seem to be many places at once. They project positive thought at their targets. Thus they can make their energy felt in more than one place at a time. This ability is not unique to discarnate souls, but it is more easy for them to use.”
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“I'm here if anyone else is. Don't see anyone in the room but me yet!”
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