Friday, January 13, 2006


I have been tremendously sleep deprived lately. Around midnight I was pretty well drooling on the computer. I knew I wouldn't make it through the night and even if I did, I wouldn't make it home in the morning. So I opted to lie down on the too-short couch with the pager and cell phone next to my head. I have years of experience sleeping on "red alert" and the security guard never comes up here and it is rare for anyone to come into this area at night. Nonetheless, I hate to nap on the job. I'm always afraid on the rare occasion that I do that this will be the one time I'll be busted. Still, I really had no choice.
So I was lying on the couch and apparently fell quite quickly into a comatose sleep. I believe I astral projected because there was no way my body was going anywhere. While my body slept, I watched the cell phone and pager, hoping they wouldn't go off and that this wouldn't be the night the security guard decided to come prowling. Again, not very restful. But better than nothing.
I think a lot about the personality, which I believes survives the death of the body. But what form does it take?
I think about the various theories about spirits and hauntings. First of all, I would like to point out that I am aware that the "spirit orbs" one sees on films are dust particles. I knew this before it was ever explained. But there are other phenomena that can appear on film that are not so easily explained away.
What I saw tonight wasn't a dust particle!
An elderly lady using a walker came through the room. She passed in front of me. I thought "oh, crap, I'm really for it! One of the residents has caught me sleeping!"
"Ma'am, can I help you?" I said.
She ignored me and I realized that I wasn't using my physical voice to sleep. My body was in a very deep sleep.
"Fuck! I can't wake up!" I thought. "She'll report me and I'll lose my job."
But she just kept walking.
I managed to wake my body up a few seconds later. And I realized that no-one in physical form had been there.
I tend to think that what I saw was a haunting of the nature where an event has left energy behind and replays itself continually like a looped tape. The actual spirit has long since vacated the area. Although I do believe that they could be contacted if desired by touching on their energy imprint.
Make what you will of it.
I have no actual proof that it happened other than that I experienced it and it was different from simply dreaming. And I was sitting next to my own body on the couch.
However, those who doubt also have no proof that it didn't happen!
Spirit communication is a field that is wide open. There are a lot of charlatans, a lot of fake evidence. But there is also a reality that those who believe only in material existence are missing. I have confidence that one day they'll be proven wrong, just as those who said no-one would ever walk on the moon were proven wrong.
Love and Light,


Justin Thyme said...

Wow - that is an incredible story. Which reminds me... I still owe you a post that answers your 'ghost' question!

cheesemeister said...

That's right, you do, Buddy! Now get to it!
Just kidding. Whenever the moment's right, I'd enjoy knowing your answer!