Friday, December 30, 2005


For the past two nights, a former friend has shown up in my dreams/astral journeys. Our friendship ended on a very negative note. She felt I had wronged her and proceeded to exact vengeance on me. I ended up calling the police on two occasions. This was many years ago.
I suspect her since then of having called social services with sick (and obviously false) reports that I was sexually abusing my son. She traumatized not only me but my son with the visit from Social Services. He was only 11 years old at the time and was terrified that he would be taken from me. Of course I was terrified of the same. Fortunately the social services worker said that she could see no evidence that such abuse was taking place and left us in peace.
I was ready to go kick some ass! But what good would getting thrown in jail do?
Still, I have never been able to forgive this person.
With her showing up in my dreams, I realize it was time that I pray/send energy for her to get the healing she needs. It has to be horrible to be as vindictive and mean-spirited as she is, and there must be illness on her soul. So I have done spell/prayer work to send her energies of healing and peace.
But protection work as well, for myself and others towards whom she might direct her wrath.
Be compassionate--but cautious. There's no Universal Law that decrees "Thou Shalt Not Protect Thine Own Ass!"
Love and Light,


Doughboy said...

Props to you for forgiving a piece of s*** like that. I have trouble forgiving people that seem to think they have done nothing wrong, or know it and simply find it amusing to torment people, or simply like to stabb people in the back for their own amusement.
Good Job
Take it Easy Cheesy

cheesemeister said...

I have a lot of trouble forgiving too. It's been a long time since this person has been in my life. I hope she's gone for good, but for the sake of my soul, I had to get rid of the venom.

Justin Thyme said...

Forgiveness is definitely a great step not only in healing within yourself, but helping her find the healing she needs as well!

Animal Anarchy said...

I believe you're right. But unfortunately I'm afraid with this woman it will take a long time. She is very filled with bitterness and hate.
The Cheesy 1