Friday, December 16, 2005

My Current Work

We are just entering the phase of the waning moon. This is a good time to get rid of all the psychic trash in your life. I do not do any spells for gain during this time, unless there is an emergency. I light a Reversible candle (which is red on top and black on the bottom) and pray to remove whatever blockages there are to my achieving on a personal and spiritual level. Tonight before midnight, I opened my Planetary Magick book (by Osborne Phillips and Melita Denning, available from Llewellyn Press) to the Rite of Approach in Jupiter, as Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and prayed to have blockages to my prosperity and joy removed.
Every paycheck is gone a couple of days after I get it. My bills are too many and I'm behind on credit card payments. It makes me very depressed. I'm not saying this to gain sympathy but to share what I'm working on and I will report my progress. This is an ongoing problem for me and I've always been too ashamed to admit it, even to the Universe. So it is time to drop my stupid pride and ask for help.
I also prayed to help me reverse the weight gain that has burdened me. Jupiter is the sphere of abundance, and I realize that due to a feeling of lack of abundance, I take in too much food and also hold onto weight, in order to protect myself from having to look at what's actually bothering me. I have asked the Universe and its Holy beings to help me with this.
After midnight, I performed the Rite of Approach in Venus. I asked for removal of the things that are preventing me from finding love and to heal the wounds on my psyche from the betrayals I have experienced.
With every ritual I do, I close with this prayer to the Angels. You can say this any time and please let me know if it is of help to you.
First, speak your intention. Then say these words:
Ariel begins it
Baradiel guides it
The Chalkydri sing it
The Devas manifest it
Elohim wills it
The Fravashi better it
Gabriel brings it
The Hafaza watch it
The Ischim balance it
Jael guards it
Kadmiel births it
Lahabiel aids it
Michael raises it
Nebo ministers it
Ofaniel sees it
The patron angels devote it
The Queen of angels speaks it
Raphael inspires it
Sandalphon prays it
The Thrones sanctify it
Uriel strengthens it
Vrevoil reveals it
The Watchers protect it
Xathanael patrons it
Yahriel places the glory of the moon on it
The Zodiac angels seal it
And Spirit brings it through time and space
So Be It.
Ho! or Amen!
Make the sign in the air of an equal-armed cross, using your dominant hand

I found this chant at Everything Under The Moon. It was channeled by Silver Raven Wolf.
Try it if it suits you!
Good luck in your workings and on your journey and peace to you.
In Love and Light,


Heather said...

Thanks for the link to my site, Everything Under the Moon, in reference to the Angel Prayer. I say that prayer/spell all the time when I am afraid.

Good luck with your blog!