Friday, December 16, 2005

Psychic Vampire

My ex-husband is a psychic vampire.
I can tolerate having him around for short periods of time. But he quit his job, and now he is around the house playing video games with my son all the time.
Having him around drains my energy, but I don't feel right about telling him he can't see our son.
Still, all he does is have the kid playing video games all day long. Stealing his time and numbing his mind. I don't like it, but I don't feel like there's much I can do about it.
A psychic vampire is someone who makes you feel drained. They steal your energy. Some of them are deliberately hostile. Some of them actually know they are draining other people's energy. Others may be physically ill and unable to stop themselves. Some may be mentally ill and unaware that they are harming others.
Most people have probably accidentally drained another person at one time or another. But there are those who are chronic vampires. The kind of people where after you've been around them for any period of time, you feel like a dark cloud is hanging over your head. You feel tired. You feel depressed. You may become more accident prone.
I'll do some work to bring the Positive Energy back in tonight, and a spell to guide my ex to finding a new job! He needs to think it's his idea or it won't work. But one thing's for sure--if he doesn't quit hanging around my house day in and day out, I'm getting out the wooden stake!
Chill and think mellow thoughts...
Peace to you,