Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Scar of a Rose

In Latino culture, they are often able to see the dark side of existence without deeming it evil. For instance, there is the celebration of the Day of the Dead, which in most Anglo-European cultures, we are not able to understand the beauty of.
The metaphysical author Konstantinos writes of four alignments as opposed to the "black and white" pair that most people are used to: good and evil.
Konstantinos talks instead of good light and good dark, evil light and evil dark.
Good Light are those whom one usually considers good. Kind people with gentle, smiling spirits, they often work in professions where they care for others. Pope John Paul and Mother Teresa are two obvious examples of Good Light.
Persons of the Good Dark alignment are the most likely to be mistaken for evil. They are fascinated by darkness and the creatures therein. They attempt to understand the nature of death and the nature of evil. This understanding of evil helps them combat the evil within themselves, to help others combat the evil within, and to recognize evil. Examples of Good Dark would be persons such as Alice Cooper and Steve Harris (Iron Maiden.) Also, though less famous or talented, myself.
Evil Light is hard to recognize. These are people who put on a good face and point the finger at others, calling them evil. There are many persons in power who are Evil Light, but one of the best examples I can call to mind is the infamous Jerry Fallwell, who bilks innocent senior citizens and other vulnerable people out of their money by convincing them that if they don't send money to him, Satan will be that much closer to taking over.
Jerry Fallwell bilked my grandmother out of thousands. The letters he wrote were appalling. I wish I'd kept one. My Gram was a good Christian who didn't want the world going to Hell. Unfortuantely, she was sending money straight to one of Satan's top lieutenants without realizing it, in my opinion!
Evil dark is easy to spot. Hitler. Ceaucescu. Saddam Hussein. The real Vlad Dracula. And all of their devotees. The sad thing is how many people can be converted to following this sort of individual. It says something frighteneing about the nature of many souls.
Persons such as Elizabeth Bathory, who may not have had a great following but did heinous things and enjoyed them are also Evil Dark.
The pictures on the Scar of a Rose blog depict darkness and sorrow but not evil. Consider them with an open mind.
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Kelly Chaisse said...

What a cool theory!
That really makes sense when you think about it.

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