Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Saturn Influence

Saturday is ruled by the influence of Saturn. In Qabalistic teaching, Saturn falls under the influence of the Sephirah Binah. Binah is the highest Sephirah on the Pillar of Severity (the Feminine pillar) Binah is also referred to as Sophia, the feminine aspect of Holy Wisdom.
From the Planetary Magick book by Denning and Phillips, this is the Planetary Profile for Saturn:
Lofty, autocratic, cold, mournful or brooding. The forces of constriction and crystallization. Affinity with the land and the depths of the Earth. Advancing age, the passage of time. Also, artistic creativity and the bringing of ideas into material form.
In Qabalistic teaching, the Masculine is unconfined energy, i.e. the spark of an idea. The Feminine force molds the energy into form, i.e. a painting created based on the idea.
Saturday is a good day for doing spells to remove any negative influences in your life, especially during the waning cycle of the moon. But during the waxing of the moon, it is a good day to pray for guidance to bring creative projects to fruition, or to blast the living hell out of a stubborn case of writers' (or other creative) block!
The positive aspects of Saturn are wisdom and perserverance. An imbalance of Saturnine energy results in these pathologies:
Apathy, depression, phobias, weakening of the immune system, afflictions of the skin, lymph system and other glands. Hoarding, stinginess.
The sphere of Saturn is governed by the planetary spirit Aratron, a mature wizard clad in silver robes. He is depicted as austere but benign in nature, awaiting to asist the seeker. Other spirits of this sphere are the Celestial Queen and The Ancient.
Tonight I have worked to cleanse myself of negative emotional influences and to heal the damage done.
My hope is to be able to heal the psychic wounds which caused me to have bipolar disorder in this life, that I might not have to be afflicted with it again in the next life. All problems of the body and mind are actually spiritual in origin. This doesn't mean that adopting a "seeing the world through rose colored glasses" attitude will automatically cure your gallstones or stop you from being pissed off every time you see your abusive Uncle Jed. If only it were that simple.
It means that by developing spiritual awareness, the truth behind such problems will eventually be revealed, and sometimes this alone manifests a miraculous cure. The pain or anger may, however, be very deep-seated and it may take quite some time to heal. Which is probably why I was always nauseated by the namby-pamby New Age attitude of "Just love yourself and everything will be fine!" 'Tain't that easy, McGee! If it were we'd all be rich, beautiful, healthy, and with the exact right partner. If there's one thing I've learned in this and other lifetimes, nothing comes easy in this Universe!
The dichotomy is, once we finally "get it" (and we have to "get it" at the deepest level, not just in our limited Mental Matrix) everything WILL be easy!
The spiritual dwellers of the Saturn sphere are ready to assist us, firmly but gently, when we open ourselves to their assistance.
In Love and Light,