Friday, December 16, 2005

The Gnosis Blog

In Gnostic Christianity, all are welcome to share their knowledge. An enjoyable thing to do is to open up a Holy Tome to a random page and read a passage aloud. Then all participants interpret the passage. There is none of the judgment that tends to drive people away from fundamentalist Christianity.
After discovering the Holy Qabalah, I was inspired to study the commonalities of religions in hopes that someday there could be peace, rather than fighting and killing over who's right and who's wrong about a force that it is arrogant of humans to believe that we can truly understand. I have found that there are certain tenets common to all positive religions. Everything else is just cosmetic differences. You may be drawn to a certain religion in your life because that is what can best teach you what you need to know to evolve spiritually at this given time.
I was raised Catholic but couldn't resign myself to certain of the dogmas. I still gain a deep sense of being closer to the Holy when I am able to attend a High Mass, which unfortunately is not very often. I personally don't see any conflict in going to the Catholic or Episcopal church one week and the Buddhist temple or Church of Light (an Esoteric Christian church in Boulder) the next, and a Wiccan celebration the week after. A lot of people, however, do.
I've been told more than once that I'm going to Hell, so if that's what you're here to tell me, don't bother. I've already got my handbasket ready, and it's well stocked with hot dogs, marshmallows and plenty of hard rock music to listen to!
I actually think that you have to do something pretty horrible to end up in any of the hells, so I'm pretty sure I'm ok in that department. I can be a bit of an ass sometimes, but I usually punish myself far and away enough for it, so no deities or anti-deities have to bother.
In the Gnostic tradition, and due to the fact that I'm bipolar and scatterbrained, the knowledge I share will follow no pattern except that it's what I'm working with, have discovered and/or have been inspired by it. And who knows, it may be just what you need!
In Love, Light, and hope to bring more Fun to the world because Heaven knows we sure can use it I am:
Cie, the Cheesemeister!
Your High Priestess of the Gnostic College of Folly and Gnowledge