Sunday, December 18, 2005

Magickal Name

Some esoteric practicioners like to take a magickal name which they use in performing their mystical works. This certainly isn't necessary, but it can bring a certain feel to your endeavors.
I didn't have a magickal name for a long time. Nothing felt right to me. But I have recently chosen one, for a couple of different reasons.
My magickal name is Lily. And it took 40 years for it to come to me, so don't worry if yours doesn't come to you overnight.
Here are the motivations behind my choice:
As anyone who has read my main blog knows, I'm addicted to Stupid Personality Tests. One of the tests was the What Flower are You test. I was a lily.
Here is what it says about the Lily:
You are a nurturer and all around natural therapist.People see you as their rock. And they are able to depend on you.You are a soothing influence. You can make people feel better with a few words.Your caring has more of an impact than even you realize.
I thought these were nice things to aspire to. But I didn't think much about it beyond that at the time.
A few weeks later, I encountered the Find A Grave website by accident while looking for the kinds of odd bits of information that I'm prone to seek. And I happened upon the grave of a person for whom I've quite accidentally developed a great deal of compassion over the past few months. I've written a couple of posts about him on my main site, if you're interested in having a look.
Some might say, this is a simple case of one big freak being able to relate to another big freak's problems.
Damn straight!
One big freak relating to another's problems with love.
Anyway, I decided I want to leave a message about how this unfortunate young man had touched my heart. And you could choose from certain icons to go with your message.
It really felt right to choose a lily, so I did.
I have seen this same fellow in a dream since then. He greeted me as Lily.
And finally, it just feels right.
But you're free to call me Cie, Cara or Cheesy anytime. And if you're really feeling like acknowledging my almighty greatness, please refer to me as Your Majesty the Cheesemeister!
In Light, Love and Good Fun,


Danny Sillada said...

I like the name "Lily" Your Majesty the Cheesemeister. My ex-girfrind's name is Lily and one of my paintings is titled Lily. It is a very lovely name - mystical and poetic.

cheesemeister said...

And thanks for daring to visit the most controversial blog I have. Esoteric subjects still scare a lot of people.

Danny Sillada said...

Each one of us has a way of finding our own peace and meaning in life so long as it is directed toward the Highest Good. Your own belief, so long as it makes you happy, it will lead you to yourself and to others.

There is no other road that leads to salvation except the road to humanity - making peace with ourselves and with others in love and humility.

You are a beautiful person inside and out.



cheesemeister said...

That's what I believe too! :-)