Sunday, December 18, 2005


On Friday, I was having trouble with my ex-husband. I mentioned in this post that he sometimes behaves as a psychic vampire.
Since I work the night shift and much of the time all is quiet for me, I bring a jar candle and scented oil. After midnight, I light the candle and do the planetary attunement for the day that it has become after midnight, then any prayer and spell work that I wish to do.
When I was having trouble with my ex the other night, rather than trying to banish him from my home (which I was rather wanting to do!) I did work to resolve conflict.
Today my ex was very conciliatory and he and I got along fine. He is going to go to Arizona over the holidays to visit his parents, so my son and I will have the holidays together and my parents will be happy because they will get to see a lot of Michael at Christmas.
Some spell/prayer work accomplishes the desired end very quickly due either proximity or atmosphere, or blockages that are relatively minor. Other work may take more time (such as my getting a position in the desired department at work) but perserverance never hurts. The funny thing is, I had actually given up on the idea of ever getting this position and a year from starting the spell, one of my co-workers did something to really irk my supervisor and he was fired, so I was offered the job! I liked my co-worker and was sorry he got fired, but I was also very grateful to be granted my wish. I have been very happy in this department and this position.
Sometimes I've taken the "hell, it probably won't work but it doesn't hurt to try" approach with spells/prayers and gotten pleasant surprises. Truly, it never hurts to give it a go.
Love and Light and Peace to you,