Friday, April 28, 2006

Spirited Pup

There are a lot of ghosts where I work. It's a retirement community/assisted living/health care center and a lot of people have died here in the 40 years that it's been around. This opens doors between the material and the spirit world. And there are a lot of spirits around here.
However, not all apparitions that one sees are spirits of the departed.
Many times when one sees a spirit in one place, it's sort of a psychic tape that is being played in a continuous loop. Spirits are free to move about the astral plane, and many other planes as well. They have the same type of consciousness that they did when alive. They tend to be drawn back to the place where they died, especially if their death was traumatic. But they aren't going to spend eternity re-enacting the death over and over. I do have this on good authority from a spirit whom I've made friends with. He suffered a violent death and I asked him about what happens to people for whom this is the case. He indicated that while at times he is drawn back to the site where he died, he certainly doesn't go back there and re-enact the event.
"Shit, it was bad enough the first time. Why the hell would I want to keep doing it?" is what he told me.
He always did have a tendency to "potty mouth," in case you were wondering. And since like attracts like, who else would such a spirit come to but the Foul Mouthed Medium herself?!
A place where people see repeated activity by a given spirit gives a good marker for where you can make contact with that spirit. But the likelihood is that you are not actually seeing him or her when you see a given action repeated over and over again.
One of my little astral encounters while at work involved seeing an elderly woman with a walker going by me when I was taking a clandestine nap. Because I haven't experienced this encounter again, I'm given to think that perhaps a former resident was simply walking about the building, visiting her "old haunt," rather than this being a "psychic replay."
Not all apparitions are spirits of the departed. Sometimes we see living people or creatures who are astral projecting.
One of the people who worked in this department before I did had a very sweet little chihuahua that she would bring with her to work at night. I could never do that with my dogs. They are insane dachshunds and would tear the place to shreds!
Last night while catching a clandestine snooze, I was having a seat next to my body. I'm prone to astral projecting but not going much of anywhere when "on watch." I think I'm afraid that if I go too far away, I won't hear the phone or pager if they go off and my physical ears will likewise be useless because the conscious part of my being is skipping through the halls or off on a hike on the Flatirons! To any rate, I saw the little Chihuahua frisking down the hall, paying me no mind! It looked so happy that it just made me happy to see it.
As I haven't encountered this before either, I'm not sure if it's a "psychic replay" or if the pup just enjoyed coming here and thus did so while asleep. Of course there's a sadder possibility--not sad for the little dog but sad for those of us who are still on the material side. Perhaps the little critter passed on and now roams wherever it pleases. Again, this really isn't sad on a cosmic level. But it would be sad for Pup's owners!
As a child I was especially good at seeing animal ghosts. While fully in the body, I have only seen one human spirit in my life. But I can sense them, particularly if their emotional vibration was very high.
Which is why the ones that were troubled in life are drawn to me.
However, it isn't my intention to go into a debate about the pros and cons of dispatching Earthbound spirits. Which I don't do unless they request it or unless they're malevolent. As my closest chum in the spirit realm told me, if I want him to leave all I have to do is say so. But he still has things to do in the Earth sphere and doesn't intend to depart for awhile. Fine by me--I can always use a fellow nut to bounce ideas off! I'm not particular about the fact that he doesn't have a physical body.
I only hope the spirited Chiwee-wee hasn't been doing any ectoplasmic peeing. It would upset George, one of the facility's physically incarnate cats!
Cats, by the way, do see spirits. But that's a story for another time!


saby said...

sounds eeeery

but a lot of guys (friend cycle) have told of such encounters

but i am yet to encounter one

i got the doc to administer anaesthesia to my father in law when he was suffering from bronchial asthma in hospital

he was not consulted
he cud see it in my eyes that i was asking him to let go

he chased me out
he was a fighter and he fought to the end

i didnt see the end
as he had chased me out

but my conscience is clear
i dont regret it

i didnt want him to suffer
i did it for his own good

or so i tot atleast then

he dont haunt me
i tink i did the right ting

i told my wife only after a year
she cried

cheesemeister said...

That's an interesting story. I think he must be at peace too. Maybe he knew it was finally time for him to quit fighting.

Amanda said...

Once I woke up, got up and went to turn on the light-switch. I tried several times until I realized that it was only my spirit, and I had to wake up my body in order to turn on the light-switch.

This has happened a few times. I wish I knew how to do this "on purpose."