Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Force of Creation (Kether)

I posted this comment in response to a post about Intelligent Design and thought it would be well to share it here:
There is a fabulous ultimate positive force that created all souls and even created the various gods and goddessess that people revere. However I wonder: does it abandon us once it has created us leaving us to fuck things up as we have, or does it care and feel our sorrows? I don't think it directly intervenes for it isn't like us at all. That is why it gave us the Gods and Goddesses. But sometimes they don't intervene either. It's all a big mystery that I don't claim to understand but will study for all my life because I really do want to know!
In Holy Qabalah, this force is Kether. It is the Sephirah depicted at the top of the tree. It is the Source of All Things. It created all things. All things were created benevolent but some have become corrupt.
Though the force that is Kether is much to be revered, it doesn't directly answer prayers. That is what the Gods, Goddesses and angels who are representatives of the other Sephiroth were created to do. I won't convolute this post with my theories about the Deities and their interactions with humans. I want to focus upon Kether--the Pure, Divine Source of All That Is.
Peace and Blessings,

The Qabalistic Tree of Life


Tom & Icy said...

If there is more to life than just this world we will learn about it when we leave this one. I have tried all my life to understand such mysteries, but found that only the thing that help us now are needed for us to learn and the other stuff is just spinning wheels since we will never understand them in this life. so I just try to learn what I can apply now and will find out the rest later, if there is a later.

cheesemeister said...

Makes sense!
I think there's a later. But I have a lot to do before I go back there again.

Lammy said...

Back to the future

cheesemeister said...

As long as we don't do one of those "Altered States" things--sitting in an isolation tank and turning primordial and trashing everything.
I think that's "Altered States." It's been years since I've seen it, so I hope I'm not citing the wrong flick!