Thursday, May 11, 2006

I Vant to be Alone

Here's one of those little personal tests and the results.

Cara, Having Alone Time renews your spirit
In our fast-paced, round-the-clock world, we often forget to schedule time with the most important person of all: ourselves. And for free spirits like you, alone time is the precious commodity you need to relax, refuel, and rejuvenate.Whether it's a leisurely walk around the block or a cup of coffee at a quaint cafe, a solo outing is sure to refresh your outlook and renew your spirit. It also makes the return to daily life and other people that much sweeter. So, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment for some quality one-on-one time!

Often people who like spending time alone are seen as antisocial. It doesn't mean that I hate the world because I tend to be a lone wolf!
My son tells me that he needs one day a week where he's by himself to think. My family thinks there's something wrong with this. I see where he's coming from.
If you want to be alone all the time, it can mean depression. But sometimes it's great!

Here's the link that was at the bottom of the test. Who knows, maybe you could win something!
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saby said...

spending time alone is loving your self ...

most ppl find they are lonely when alone .... but u can communicate best wid your inner self when u r alone

i enjoy a movie best when i go alone

cheesemeister said...

I like going to movies alone, but actually I've only done it twice in my somewhat lengthy life, believe it or not!
I saw Pink Floyd's The Wall by myself when I was 18, right after a bad breakup. Gee, how appropriate!
Then I saw Constantine by myself last year. I was in a better frame of mind that time. It was a lot of fun!

weirsdo said...

I think that people who have to be with a group all the time are much more worrisome.