Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Big Judgment

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Organized religion and the judgmental bullcrap that walks hand in hand with it. It continues to drive a wedge between people and I find it very sad. Of course I came under attack as expected by the so kind fundie faction when I stated that there are more things in this Universe than Christianity and Satanism. One Fundie had this tolerant thing to say. My sarcastic commentary is in italics. Yes, it's childish. But all this is unbelievably stupid, and I am dismayed that it is still going on in the 21st century.

As much as we may not want to accept it or hear it, Wicca, goddess worship, tarot etc. is used as a cover for Satanism.
Yes, Anonymous, I have a secret stash of the bodies of those I have sacrificed to Satan in my basement. Please--don't let the fact that I don't even have a basement dissuade you from this belief! I'm sure it makes your boring, pathetic life far more interesting than it otherwise would be. In fact, all Wiccans have a dungeon in which they keep all their sacrificial victims. But somehow we are never caught by the law. Because guess what--they're part of it too! Yes, me and Constable Clancy and the rest are sacrificing your good Christian ilk even as I type this. Which fails to explain why the churches are still full every Sunday. You'd think we'd have whittled your congregation way down by now with all the sacrifices we do.
The leaders of the harmless nature worshipers/ goddess worshipers are the leaders of the cult as well. I know this to be true. Most occult groups practice a degree system of initiation.
What the fuck are you going on about, you twat? Most wiccans are actually solitary practitioners. Who the fuck are we going to initiate--ourselves??
You learn more and more as you go but things are kept secret from the lower degrees.
I'm so excited that I'm finally going to teach myself the secret Satanic practices this saturday at midnight. I just can't wait! I'll have to sacrifice SIX of the old folks I tend to for this one! Funny how I've never been caught sacrificing the people that are put in my care. I'm a slick one, so I am!
Satanism does the same thing, depending upon the level of programming and worthiness. So, go ahead, and deny and believe the cock and bull story we are fed today, "nature worship" or harmless fun with cards and ouija boards. And while the people sleep, it won't change one iota the truth of what is shared here.

No, while the people sleep I'm going to come sacrifice them. Because it's what I do.

This was my reply to the blog owner, who is a victim of satanic ritual abuse and therefore has reasons to think what she does and is also why I will not reveal a link to her because I don't wish for people to attack her. Damn evil of me that. Ah well. It is far from the first time that something like this has happened. But I will not kowtow. I have to speak what I believe is the truth.

The sad thing is that the intolerance of people like Anonymous are what drive people apart from each other. I can assure people until I'm blue in the face that I am certainly not part of some "satanic cult" and none of you lot will believe a word of it. I have never sacrificed an animal to any power and would not deal with powers that require such. I do read Tarot cards and I happen to believe that there are more of deities than just the Christian god and anti-god. I think I try to do good in this world. I am neither a christian nor a satanist. In fact Satan is a Christian anti-deity, and I don't have any use for him. I don't mind calling myself a Pagan. I am not an evil person. I do not rape children or sacrifice babies and deplore such actions. I don't think that you're a prejudiced individual and what you say is true for you. It's sad that it brings out the hate and narrow-mindedness in some people.
I don't think I'll be back because I imagine my presence is uncomfortable for you. I'm sorry. I hope one day people will learn that actions are what tell the truth, not what religious path one follows.

As Angus Young (himself accused of being a "satan worshipper" more than once) said, the real Satan is intolerance. Right on, Angus. And rock on.

Things like this are why I despise organized religion. Organized religion has contributed to a lot more deaths than some harmless person picking herbs and calling on the gods and goddesses for a blessing in their miserable lives.
It may not be legal to burn witches at the stake now--but some people sure would like it to be, as you can plainly see.
I have this idea that's a real grin. How about we elect me for president after Barack Obama has served his TWO terms? Wouldn't that be a hoot? A fat old Pagan with bipolar disorder in the Oval Office. Pat Buchanan and his ilk would have an aneurysm for sure.
Tarot readings, AC/DC tunes and mead for all! That's my platform. Vote for me, won't you?
Or at least give me a scratch behind the ears. Because I'm feeling pretty glum right now. Intolerance blows. Maybe I'll go out and sacrifice one of my neighbors to pick my mood up. Because that's what we mostly harmless Pagans do in the minds of the so-good (intolerant) Christians.
Yeah, I eat meat. But so do most of them. Think that Jerry Falwell got that pork belly of his chowing down on leaves and sprouts? I think he was eating members of the congregation!
I want to meet that bastard in hell and give him a full body slam. He bilked my grandmother out of literally thousands of dollars sending her that bullshit about how Satan was taking over the world and the only way he could be stopped is if good Christians sent their money to Jerry. Isn't bilking old folks out of their security checks a sin? Bastard!
There's another thing that this "evil" pagan has never done. Bilking old folks out of their money. Damn this conscience of mine! I could be rich if I just postured as a born again Christian preacher and told everyone to send me their money to save their souls.
Man...if that ain't a ticket to hell on the Bullet Express, I sure don't know what is!
Ah well...guess I'll just keep on being a pariah. At this I seem to excel. Now excuse me while I go back to eating the hearts of the innocent and reading my blood-stained tarot cards.
the eternally despised


Tom & Icy said...

Lammy said it was really spooky down in the cellar of your trailer home.

Lynntaketwo said...

You are not despised by me, Lily. I understand.

Lily Strange said...

So that's why I keep finding those empty Mad Dog 20/20 bottles down there! I was starting to wonder if I was boozing it up in my sleep!

Thanks, Lynn. :-)

Anonymous said...

"A fat old Pagan with bipolar disorder in the Oval Office."

If Angus and the other electricians would sing some folksy tune, maybe about Rosie, the heroine ... Hunter S. would be proud of you!
I do not live in the US and have no real impression of my own how it is there, but all this satan-blabla, this simplifying dichotomy - it is deeply in-humane and ant-enlightenment - it leads directly back in the dark time before the enlightenment, when it was clearly prescribed what to think and believe. I have always a picture of the US as a place where I can think and do (in large legal limits) what I want. So all brave citizens have the right to be as rednecked as they please, but any other person has the right to be herself or himself as s/he is pleased too. I guess that's why these idiots climbed the ship some hundred years ago.
Anyway, we'll meat at the next black mass, and don't forget the salt for the virgin-BBQ!

Holy crap, do these folks really believe that satan is walking around in the flesh?

Lily Strange said...

My latest post is a response to this!

Sheta said...

Hey, I'm a fat pagan with bipolar disorder, myself! :)

Though Wicca is an initiatory religion as created, it doesn't lead to Satanism. I think "Satanic Ritual Abuse&trade" is utter bollocks. I think any "memory" of this sort of thing is created by the need to be the dramatic center of attention and wring every ounce of martyrdom one can from one's pathetic life. :D

I love the icon!


Lily Strange said...

Hi Sheta.
Yes, it's ridiculous to assume that Wicca leads to Satanism, considering that Satan is in the Christian pantheon. Therefore, never the twain shall meet.
I used to think that the satanic ritual abuse was entirely a lie. At this point I think that many people who claim SRI did suffer some sort of horrific abuse if they had dissociative identity disorder in conjunction with it. Whether the abuse was actually in a "satanic" context or if it was abuse that was perceived as satanic by the sufferer becomes academic. The fact is that the majority of people who would call themselves satanists are not child abusers. Having been raised Catholic I find myself a bit startled to be saying that, but I have generally found it to be true. There are a lot of people who use the "Satanic" imagery for shock value because they're sick of having Christianity pushed at them. Then there are those (i.e. Anton La Vey) that believe in Satan as an ancient earth deity that predates Christianity, and Luceferian satanists, whom I don't consider to be true Satanists, as Lucifer and Satan are two different beings.
Blah blah and so forth...sometimes I really go on! Thanks so much for visiting.