Sunday, November 16, 2008

To Thine Own Self Be True

I wrote this in response to a friend who has Dissociative Identity Disorder and has been the victim of a lot of spiritual abuse in conjunction with the other injustices that she's suffered in her life.
My motto is that spirituality is too personal a thing to have someone else's dogma shoved down your throat. As long as a person's beliefs don't involve hurting others, who is anyone to say that it's right or wrong? We are all just mere humans and none of us knows the exact workings of the Universe. You must do what feels right for you. Thankfully you no longer have some zealot pounding their fundamentaist Christianity down your throat. I can't hang with that either. Who are they to try and tell everyone else what is right and wrong? We're all just human and I think as long as we try to act with kindness towards others we'll come out ok. I don't believe in a deity that would be so mean-spirited as to punish its creations just because they weren't sure what it's name was, weren't sure it existed, or flat out couldn't bring themselves to believe it existed. That would be akin to flushing a fish down the toilet to punish it for not praising you on high every time you fed it--it's mean spirited, stupid, and more than a little egotistical! I would never suffer myself to worship a deity that was such an egomaniac, and no-one else should either. At any rate, I don't think that's how the Creator rolls. I think it's great that you're finding your own path. To thine own self be true. :-)


Tom & Icy said...

Religion, like politics; I don't care to wear someone else's underwear.

Barfight Bitch said...

Well spoken! Loved reading it.