Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My End of Year Divination

I use this method with my regular ceremonies but this will let me know what to look for in the coming year.
From the Mandala Wisdom deck I receive the message of Yamuna Devi, the goddess of purification. She indicates that I will be given opportunities to grow spiritually in the coming year and to purge from my psyche all that no longer suits. Outmoded attitudes, possibly defensiveness and tendency to anger. I pray to her that I come to believe in myself and my abilities more, not to be vain and arrogant but to be confident and know that I am just as deserving of blessings as others. I also pray that my past erroneous actions may be forgiven and the negative karma washed away.
From the Goddess deck I receive the wisdom of Sedna. She foretells of positive gain. I have always been afraid to pray/petition for this because my upbringing taught me that to do so was evil and would bring misfortune. I pray to her that I allow myself to gracefully receive blessings and to be able to ask for what I need, not to be greedy or to have more than others but to have enough to be comfortable and to share with others.
From the Archangel Jophiel I receive the message that I need to get outside in nature more often. This will clear me of the negative entities that tend to attach themselves to me and help me renew and strengthen given the fact that I work in a place where the door between the physical and spirit realm is often opened due to the fact that so many people die where I work. (retirement community/assisted living/nursing home) There are several earthbound spirits here and also several portals where heebie-jeebies from the lower astral like to come in and try to suck energy like the little vampires they are. Being outdoors helps clear these energies and strengthen the aura. I ask for Jophiel to give me the nudge I need to overcome my exhaustions and to do this.
My animal messenger is the Seal. The Seal advises that hard work and inspiration are the foudation of true creativity. Or, as Ringo Starr said, "you got to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues and you know it don't come easy."
Frustrations, expectations, wanting quick recognition...guilty as charged.
The Seal also advises, as a denizen of both water and land, that the "landscapes of the mind may be made material." I must focus on the various aspects of manifesting what I want. And maybe dare to dream a little again.
I know I've been called upon to do what I'm doing and I answered the call. Nobody forced me, I went willingly. Whether the rest of the world simply thinks I'm daft for what I believe can't be allowed to influence me or I'm doomed to failure. Let 'em think it. I'm going to do it anyway.
And these are my affirmations which I must return to once a week to fully absorb their truths over this coming year.
A Meditation for Acceptance
Whatever is in harmony with you, O Universe
Is in harmony with me
Whatever comes in due season for you
Is not too early or too late for me
What your seasons bring is fruit for me
For all things come from You
And return to You
--Marcus Aurelius
For what we eat
For what we wear
For melodies heard
For wonders seen
For what we have
For what will come
For family, friends
For love that's blessed
For gifts of hope
For lives of grace
May we give thanks
And be joyful
--Michelle Close Mills
I was only going to draw one card from the "Pocket Prayers" deck but the two that ended up at the front had the same picture on the back, so I took it as an omen.
To me these prayers signify taking a more Zen attitude, having more patience, and being grateful for what is instead of pissed off about what isn't. Yeah...I have difficulty with this. I will take the wisdom I have been given and give thanks for it. And I will try.
That is my advice given me by the Universe during my Yule celebration. I place it here so I can return to it and see how well I am doing. And if my method strikes a chord with any of you, feel free to use it!
Blessings to anyone reading this and best wishes for your coming year.


Tom & Icy said...

Just kick those little demons asses and go on with life, it's rather short, you know. I hear a comet is going to kill off most of the people on earth in 2012.