Saturday, December 22, 2007

Xmahannuramakwanzyule Meme and PANSI'S Plea

I wasn't invited to do this but I stole it from here and did it anyways. Because when you're as unpopular as me, you get used to crashing the party!


When people say Christmas you immediately think:

Oh greed! Food and presents!

Favorite Christmas memory:

Putting up the tree. We used to really have a beautiful tree every year and lots of nice decorations. It was great to put up and hell to take down.

Favorite Christmas song/carol:

I like the Little Drummer Boy, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, What Child is This, the Carol of the Bells, and a bunch of stuff on the Celtic Christmas album. I also like the Coventry Carol, but it's very sad.

Favorite Christmas movie:

Probably A Christmas Story because it's funny.

Your favorite Christmas character..:

The animals in the manger!

Favorite ornament/object:

There were some handmade ones that my great-grandmother sent us that I really loved. Those and the birds. And the glass ones. I'm getting a bit fucking nostalgic here.

What are your plans for Christmas?

I'll be working, Beeyatch. No joke.

Other than that, I'll give my son his gifts. And make a halfway nice dinner. Now I'm feeling pissy and humbuggy about the working thing. Fucking Alvin N. Chipmunkk! (My boss)

If you want to play, you're tagged. Tell me where you did the dirty deed so I can come and see the results.

And now, here's PANSI.

First becuz of the incompatent's of the CHEESE MISTRESS it look's like I am going to be without CHRISTMAS PRESENT'S this yeer! I sertanly dont no what Mrs. Weirdso was thinking when she sent me to the Never World! It was probly part of some heething packt that her and the CHEESE MISTRESS have! And now to ad insult's to injery's, the CHEESE MISTRESS puts my importent messaje about my not getting CHRISTMAS PRESENT'S after her dumb thingy about what she thinks of Christmas when she is just a big heething anyway's! I reely hope there are some good pepul heer who will help corekt the dumb mistakes of the CHEESE MISTRESS. I hope you will go heer to reed my urjent plee and see how you can get me some CHRISTMAS PRESENT'S! PLEESE!!! I am cownting on you!

Kiss Kiss,



Anonymous said...

Bruenhilde and Bernhilde.
"Hilde" has a lot of associations in it. It is a woman's name of course. And there is "Holde/a" and "Hulda", as in "Frau Holle". "Hold" is not connected to "halten - to hold", but is an old word meaning benevolent, "Huld" meaning as much as favour: "die Holde" is the beloved woman; "sie gab ihm ihre Huld" means as much as she choose him.
In my neck of the woods where I was born there was a "Hulle", a not too nice woman-ghost living in the forest.
This "Hilde" can be connected with other syllabels: "Bern" comes from Bär - bear", it is a bear-hilde. "Brün" comes from "brünne" meaning thorax and the armour worn on the breast, Brünhilde is an armoured woman, not nourishing, but fighting.
Generally I do not know how to give the "ü/ue" in English, maybe "y" comes near.
Greetings to pansi, hope she'll enjoy the gifts!

yellowdog granny said...

merry christmas to you and yours..